Spring Check – How to Do a Sport Coat

The temperature rising is no excuse to skimp.  While everyone has the year-round appropriate  navy blazer – Spring appropriate sport coats aren’t that tricky.  Not including the seersucker or chambray choices, go for something that has a check.  Treat it like a work coat – wear it often, use the pockets, and keep it clean (that means a cedar hanger).  Most good Spring sport coats are a blend of lightweight wool, silk, and/or linen, making them bearable during the heat.  So swap out your winter tweeds for something like this:


H. Freeman Silk/Linen Summer Check Sport Coat: Colorful – not for the faint of heart.  
Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Fit Wool/Silk Plaid Windowpane Sport Coat: The fit here is key.  Not to mention the great pattern.
Peter Millar Wool Check Sport Coat: These folks have been making a splash lately – look at those soft shoulders…looks like you’ve had it for years.


Polo by Ralph Lauren Silk/Linen Tweed Sport Coat:  The leather buttons and the flap pocket are nice touches – this is a great option for an outdoorsman.
Peter Millar Wool/Silk/Linen Check Sport Coat:  There isn’t anything this coat won’t coordinate with.  Perfect style. 
Ben Silver Wool/Cashmere Glen Plaid Sport Coat: Ben Silver might have the best selection of these Spring/warm weather sport coats.  This one is tan with blue and orange details – outstanding. 

Shirting under these sport coats is a bit tricky, but here’s a rule of thumb: Bold sport coat = bland shirt.  Bland sport coat = bold shirt.  Here is a good spectrum:


Rugby by Ralph Lauren Yellow Skull University Oxford:  Yellow – the most neglected of the OCBD colors.  Give it a run.
Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit Worn-in Oxford in Pink:  Take every opportunity you can to wear a pink shirt, and wear it like a man.
Faconnable Plaid Sport Shirt:  A muted plaid won’t distract from the sport coat.
Billy Reid John-T Blue & Green Sport Shirt:  A bold design – it’ll be the centerpiece of the outfit, so pick something nice.

The great thing about warmer weather?  It’s A-OK to be a little less formal.  There’s always a place for gabardine trousers and foulard ties with these sport coats, but put together something like this for a great look:

(Clockwise from top left):

Randolph Engineering X Michael Bastian Aviator II Sunglasses: Feast your eyes…these won’t be available until May.
Levi’s 501 Jeans in ‘Natural Black Fill’:  Not quite white.
Filson 258 Briefcase in Otter Green: Tough as nails.  
Smathers & Branson Dancing Bears Needlepoint Belt: From the good folks at The Fine Swine in Maryland.  Keep it fun, folks. 

Finally – the shoes.  This is a no-sock look.  Embrace it.  Buy cedar shoe trees to preserve your shoes and your friendships. Pick shoes that you can wear with anything – jeans, khakis, and shorts.  Wear them in:


Sid Mashburn Snuff Suede Penny Loafers: Remember – they aren’t ‘rules’, they are guidelines.  If you want to wear suede – wear suede.
Russell Moccasin Camp Mocs: Straight from Wisconsin.  A step up from boat shoes.

Top to bottom – there you have it.  Get out and enjoy this great time of year.



  1. 04/17/2012 / 12:09 PM

    “Ben Silver might have the best selection of these Spring/warm weather sport coats…if you can afford to take out a second mortgage.”

  2. tim
    04/17/2012 / 3:38 PM

    Man. I used to have a dancing bear belt that I loved. I wore it just about everywhere from like 9th grade to 12th grade. So much better than those lame ass Jerry Garcia ties for getting your message across.

  3. RCN
    04/18/2012 / 3:35 PM

    I love the spread! Classic selections for the season.

  4. JTM
    04/20/2012 / 1:12 PM

    Just bought those Sid snuff loafers. Now I’m looking for a belt to go with them (all my belts are dark brown). Any recommendations?

  5. Benn
    05/04/2012 / 1:13 PM

    Anyone have any experience w/ Rugby oxfords? are they flimsy compared to Brooks or Press? I just noticed that they are offering a trim version of J.Press’s classic flap pocket OCBD but at a better price. Just wondering if its close to comparable.

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