Suburban Weekend Style

As RCS Instagram followers know, we bought a house a few months ago.  Even though it’s really close to town, it’s still considered suburban.  The culture out here is a little different, and while we were a little apprehensive at first, we have grown to really love it out here (I say ‘out here’ like I’m in the country or something…).

As with all ‘burbs, we have to drive to go anywhere.  When we were in town, we parked our cars on Friday and didn’t start them up again until Monday morning.  Not because we are green or anything like that, but because everything was close and didn’t require any sort of carbon footprint.  Well, we’re burning the fossil fuels now.

This did something to me.  I had to get versatile in my weekend wear.  You never know what’s going to happen – maybe lunch?  Maybe visit a few friends in the neighborhood down the street?  Go hit Scott’s?  Home Depot? Work on the honey-do list?  I like to dress for all options.  Casual, but still stylish.  There are plenty of technical sweat suits around these parts, and I’m fighting that look with every fiber of my being.  Here’s how I do it on the weekends:

From Top Left:

1. Ball and Buck Waxed Cotton Hat:  A good hat is key.  I might not start the day wearing it, but I like to have it handy.  Mrs. RCS is guilty of stealing this one quite a bit.
2. Onward Reserve Ridgeland Button Down:  This is the workhorse of the outfit.  A nice buttondown.  Get one that irons easy, and that you can wash at home.  The button down gives the outfit a mature look, and can be dressed up or down.  I like looking like an adult, even if I am doing house chores.
3. Randolph Engineering Sportsman Sunglasses:  One of the best things about the ‘burbs?  Throwing shade.  Sunglasses required.
4. Luminox EVO 3051 Blackout Watch:  Dare I call this a ‘beater’ watch?  No – but I beat the hell out of mine.  I typically give the Panerai a break on the weekends, unless Mrs. RCS and I have a hot date.
5. Carolina Mfg. Bandana:  My buddy carries a bandana around everywhere he goes, and I have started doing it as well.  It’s really functional – it acts as a napkin, a clean-up rag, and sweat catcher.  A great investment.
6. LL Bean Northridge Sweater:  Just an extra layer, but you never know how long you’ll be out.  The temperature drops as soon as the sun goes down, so I like to keep this handy.  It’s cotton, too, so it’s washing machine-friendly.
7. Benchmade Griptilian Knife:  My Benchmade has become my utility knife.  I use it as a knife, of course, but I also use it as a screwdriver, a ruler, a measurer, a doorstop, a box cutter, etc.  You get it: don’t leave home without it.
8. Orvis Shotshell Belt:  Tried and true.
9. Levis 501 Jeans:  So here’s the thing – I’m at a bit of a crossroads with jeans (more on that later), but one thing that won’t change is my love affair with Levi’s 501s.  I find them to be my go-to jeans.  I typically stay away from the Shrink-to-Fit on the weekends, as they are a little tougher to maintain.  I go with ‘Rigid’ and understand that they are going to get washed quite a bit.
10. Filson Down Cruiser Vest:  I can’t believe how great this vest is.  PERFECT for the weekends.  Lots of pockets, a great fit, and weatherproof.  I like a vest on the weekends because it gives my arms a little more range of motion; in case I want to go shoot, chop down a tree, walk #FrankDawg or throw the football.
11. Orvis Invincible Boot Socks:  To go with #12…comfort is key here, as they might be on all day.
12. Red Wing Pecos 1178 Boots:  These should be called ‘utility boots’ rather than ‘work boots’, but I get it.  These boots go with everything, and…what am I saying, you’ve owned a pair, so you know how great they are.


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