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“Shoes” in the summer is a bit of an oxymoron, right?  However, when the risk of ‘no service’ presents itself, duty calls.  For me, summer is a time to celebrate being casual.  Sure, there are formal situations, but I like to make my own summer formal rules: light fabrics, light colors, and no socks.  Admittedly, the no socks rule is year round for me, but I consider that a quirk.

My summer uniform is pretty standard: golf shirt or oxford with rolled sleeves, shorts, khakis, or light colored jeans, a cool belt, and sunglasses.  I’ve gotten into the short sleeve dress shirt…I like the look.  They are like a convertible sport shirt.  Onward Reserve offers a few that I really like.

Of course, there is plenty of time in and around the water, in the back yard, and watching the Braves.  Casual and comfortable.  In terms of footwear, I like to have plenty of options.  Of course I like function, but I’m all about good style.  Here’s what I like to wear when the temperature and humidity are fighting for the high score:

From top left:

1. Martin Dingman Bel Aire Bow Tie Drivers:  A solid go-to for the summer.  They look like church shoes now, but by the end of summer, they’ll look (and feel) like house slippers.  That should be your goal…
2. Tretorn X Andre 3000 Benjamin Nylites:  I’ve gotten into the canvas shoe trend over the past few years.  I scored a pair of these from Sid’s a while back, and like how they’ve broken in.  These Nylites with some spice by Andre 3000 are cool enough to NOT look like streetwear.
3. Russell Moccasin Camp Moccasins:  When you need something a little more substantial than drivers, or a little less casual that penny loafers, camp mocs are just what the doctor ordered.  I have a pair, and wear them all the time…I love the traditional/Ivy casualness.  Think jeans and an OCBD.
4. New Balance X Ball and Buck ML1978s:  I like something a little lighter in the summer.
5. Res Ipsa Kilim Loafers:  For when you need to add a little spice to date night…let these be the focus of your outfit.  A good pair of jeans, a solid dress shirt, and a light blazer.  You’ll get looks.  Embrace it.
6. Alden 6244F Tan Suede Handsewn Loafers:  They are going to look a little lighter than you are comfortable with.  Think of these as a new take on suede bucs…they look great with khaki 5-pockets or broken in jeans…or more specifically with shorts.  Just make sure you’ve got some semblance of a tan…
7. Fishpond X Chacos Native Z2 Sandels:  I’ve never been a big Chaco guy, but since I’ve started fishing, I’ve learned that I need something a little more substantial than #10 when shore fishing or bumming around in a boat.
8. Swims Stride Loafers:  I’ve had my eye on these for quite some time, and really like the idea of these.  They are a dressy version of Crocs…but they’ll look a lot better at the dinner table.
9. Diadora N9000 IIIs:  I 100% approve of any sort of vintage sneaker.  Especially some that are on sale.  Don’t take it so seriously.
10: Havaianas Flip Flops:  You don’t need any explanation as to why a $19 pair of flip flops is a good idea.

What summer footwear are you digging?



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