The 2015 Red Clay Soul Graduation Gift Guide

Caps and gowns, stage walking, tassels, and diplomas are in full swing…there is a new wave of graduates that are headed into the workforce.  What an exciting time…not only for the graduates, but for the families as well.  While a degree is reward enough for the last four (or five) years of hard work, it’s OK to celebrate the monumental task with a graduation gift.

The 2015 RCS Graduation Gift Guide focuses on functionality and success for the recent grad.  Rather than some sort of opulent gesture, reward the graduate with something that can be used to further his career…and become more self-sufficient.  Here we go:

From top left:

1. The Right Smathers & Branson Belt:  Rather than something overly colorful, the right Smathers & Branson belt is an excellent graduation gift.  If they offer one from the graduate’s alma mater, pull the trigger.
2. A New Wedge:  Hopefully the graduate’s professional career will involve a few rounds on the course, so they’ll appreciate the right tools for the short game.
3. A Great Book on Leadership:  Just because the graduate has graduated, learning doesn’t stop.  A good book on leadership is as valuable as any post-grad work.
4. Monogrammed Cufflinks:  These are the type of gift that will last forever.  While this isn’t the type of gift a guy will buy for himself, he will be extremely excited to open and wear them.
5. A Weekender Bag:  The professional traveler shouldn’t use a grocery bag to pack for an overnight trip.  Be prepared.
6. A Professional Tie:  You’ll need to leave the pastel tie with beach chairs or some sort of marine animal at home for an interview, or any professional meeting for that matter.  Brooks Brothers is, and has been the mothership for so long for good reason.
7. A Good Pen:  You can go a lot of different directions here…a Mont Blanc is really over the top, and probably the nicest gesture, but these Caran d’Ache ballpoints are the perfect gift…you can’t have too many, and the $20 price tag is very do-able.
8. The Family Watch:  Graduation is the time to pass down the family heirlooms.
9. A New Pair of Dress Loafers:  Please give the graduate a reason to retire the disgusting “loafers” they’ve been sporting for the past three years.  A good pair of bit loafers from Oak Street Bootmakers will take his shoe game to a new level…a professional level.
10. A Briefcase:  A no-brainer; probably the smartest of the graduation gift ideas.  A Filson briefcase is as good as it gets from a functional and sturdy perspective.  It’ll last longer than the graduate’s first job.
11. Cash:  …rules everything around me…

What did I miss?  What else is a good idea for the recent college graduate?



  1. WM
    05/04/2015 / 12:07 PM

    Good choice on the HSC belt!

  2. BMOC
    05/05/2015 / 9:16 AM

    I love the fact that the belt from my alma mater is the “right” belt. Sweet!

  3. Josh
    05/07/2015 / 8:22 AM

    Hampden Sydney all day long

  4. TKNOX
    05/19/2015 / 4:38 PM

    Great to see H-SC getting some love!

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