The Custom Needlepoint Belt Option

The Smathers and Branson needlepoint belts are really works of art.  The designs are crisp, the colors are bright, and the leather backing is really nice for a $165 belt.  I love the look…I have a TON of (let’s call them) emblematic belts, but I’m being drawn to these S&B belts more than the others.  These are my collection of Smathers & Branson belts (I have a few other non-S&B belts).  I have four belts more in the works, and I’m pumped to add them to the rotation.

Now, while I love the normal S&B catalog, and am looking forward to sharing their new designs with all of you readers, I have really enjoyed their custom belts.  As I’m sure you’ve all seen, S&B does belts that aren’t available on their website, and require some digging on the Internet or a visit to the golf club/resort/etc.  The exclusivity gives them a bit of a unicorn feel, and they draw quite a few comments and questions:

The first custom S&B I got was the Masters belt back in 2012.  My friend Emmie got this for me while she was down in Augusta, and really had to dig to find it.  I posted about it, and my social media exploded.  Over the next couple years, the S&B presence at The Masters has exponentially expanded…you can get just about any size and color you need on Ebay (for a nice premium).  My others are from some private clubs, Charleston, the Fine Swine, and the Shotgun belt from Onward Reserve.

So, let’s make this post the definitive Smathers & Branson custom belt resource.  I found all these online, and I know there are a TON more.  Do you have a custom S&B belt?  Send a picture and a description to and I’ll update this post.  This should be fun:

Sea Island needlepoint belt

Southern Proper lifestyle belt

“Eat a Peach” belt from Miller Brothers in Atlanta (this one is on the way)

Merion Golf Club

Pappy & Co Belts (available in blue and khaki)

Red’s Outfitters belt

Plainswear (WDE)

Bandon Dunes Golf Club

Locksicker (much more on these folks later..)

Kiawah – I couldn’t find the belt online, but if they have a keychain, they should have a belt.


Grateful Dead options

Alright, folks – let’s hear it!  What custom Smathers & Branson belt do you have?  Send me a picture and a description and I’ll post it here…


Boca Grande Outfitters from J. Obeck:

Old MacDonald, Custom Elon, and Custom Lifestyle belts from G. McKnight:

Custom Needlepoint from J. Payne:

A very nice collection from Sugarloaf Social Club:

One of B. Bujnowski’s many custom S&B needlepoint belts, this one from Stonewall Links:


Pace Academy from E. Irvin:

Oakmont CC from @bonairgolfclub:

Country Club of Florida Member-Guest Invitational custom belt from J. Ray:


The lawn and Mr. Jefferson’s University from Wm. Barker:

Callaway Big Bertha Belt from Ashli W:

S&B Virginia belt that is custom for Peter Blair, a haberdashery in Richmond from JKB:

First one is a life belt and the next to are for The Pingry School (a private high school in NJ) from Kevin S:

 From EMG…starting at the top:
1.Custom needlepoint belt, gun theme.
2. Masters
3. Nantucket
4. Nantucket
5. Polo Ralph Lauren
6. Hunting Theme, Ralph Lauren
7. Boca Grande


Perlis down in New Orleans coming up BIG, with Pelicans, Hot Sauce, and Raw Bar:

Cypress Point members logo and The Country Club (Brookline):

How about it, you Clemson Tiger fans…from M.H. Frank:

And a really nice collection from H. Lacassagne:

June 14th, 2017 Update:

From Bradley Walker:

Squire Creek
Louisiana belt from Perlis
Prairie Dunes
Masters Visor from Bluegrass Fairway
Pacific Dunes
Old Macdonald
Squire Creek

Keep ’em coming!  Send me a picture of your custom S&B belt to and I’ll update the post…



  1. John
    04/27/2015 / 11:28 AM

    I don’t have many S&B belts but have a growing collection of their key fobs. USMC, and zip codes from Greenwich, CT and Spring Lake, NJ. My girlfriend has Boston College (alma mater), Martha’s Vineyard, and and American flag.

    Love that Burning Tree belt. I drive past it every morning on my way to work.

  2. BJH
    04/27/2015 / 11:52 AM

    I NEED that Eat a Peach belt.

  3. Daniel A.
    04/27/2015 / 12:12 PM

    I don’t have any of their belts. I do have a custom wallet from them that a store in my college town had made. It’s pretty nice that they have some custom things for Troy since the belts probably aren’t an option.

  4. BMOC
    04/27/2015 / 2:14 PM

    No picture of them but I have two Hampden-Sydney custom S&B belts — one garnet with a grey HS and the other navy with the school crest and 1776 emblazoned on it.

  5. Pete
    04/28/2015 / 2:57 PM

    Long live Elon! Great idea for college grad gifts.

  6. ben
    05/30/2015 / 4:22 PM

    Where’d you snag your grateful dead belt? fine swine? looks like the others you posted are different… darker khaki.

  7. Brad
    04/08/2016 / 8:09 PM

    Great post.

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