The Noon Yawner

The worst thing that can happen to any college football fan is seeing that you’ve been relegated to a noon kickoff.  Holding tickets for a noon game is almost a net negative to your daily balance sheet.  Noon games suck.  There’s no time to tailgate, low energy, and post-game festivities are usually pretty flat.  Leave those to the Big10 and the ACC.

Georgia is going to win in Nashville on Saturday.  Big.  It’s one of those games where I may not even sit to watch, but take an opportunity to catch up on some yard work, head to the driving range, or clean my guns for the upcoming quail season.  It’s not that I won’t pay attention, but I will save my ass sitting for the 3:30 Arkansas vs. A&M game or the 7:00 Tennessee vs. Florida games.  That feels weird to say – I’m more excited about second-tier SEC football than watching Georgia…but I blame it on the noon draw.

I have six Camilla bushes that I need to plant along a fence, so more than likely that’s what I’ll be doing.  This means I need to dig six holes.  I plan on doing this during the UGA game (at least the first half) and then nap for the second half.  Here’s what I’m planning on wearing:

Cotton Polo: finally.  I love wearing cotton polos.  Not that I hate tech, but there’s something organic about sticking with the original, and sweating.
Rough and Tough Chinos: At one point these pants were treated with kid gloves (washed, hung to dry, ironed, etc.), but are starting to show a bit at the seams and have a couple of mustard stains, but they still fit well.
Blundstone Boots: Stylish?  Yes.  Functional?  More so.  These are the best ‘work in the yard’ boots on the market.
Orvis Belt:  The same shotshell belt that we’ve all been wearing since college.  As with most things that are well made, it only gets better with age.
Gross Old Ballcap: Don’t think too much on this.  Something you don’t mind beating to death.
Sony Sports Walkman: Going AM.  Old school.  It still works.

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  1. JMR
    09/23/2021 / 9:21 AM

    My theory is the reason noon (11AM) games suck is because the players have to get up too early. They’re still pretty much kids and need to be rested up if they’re going to play at an elite level.

    And a good pair of work khakis is fantastic. At least as durable as jeans and more comfortable.

  2. HL
    09/23/2021 / 10:50 AM

    I love a 11am-noon game. Tailagates at LSU are just as alive. Food is just as good. You can enjoy the evening after as an adult or when I was a student you could nap then go back out or just stay out. Some times we would not even go to sleep from Friday night until after the bars Saturday night/Sunday morning.

    • alabamaSAE
      10/04/2021 / 8:34 PM

      ya got any blow?

      phi alpha!

  3. MRS
    09/24/2021 / 7:51 AM

    Night games were the best when I was in college and law school, but i’ll take a nooner any time I can get it now. I’ve got a 2-2.5 hour drive to and from Gainesville for games and I’d much rather make that at 7 AM than 11 PM.

  4. JDV
    09/24/2021 / 11:42 PM

    Had a pair of Duckheads back in the day and loved them. Bought them one Saturday afternoon in 1983 in a little shop on State Street in Bristol, Tenn., when I got my first job after college. Wore them for years. But what I cannot understand about the new versions is the short rise. One would have to go up to a size 42 waist in order to get even a 12 inch rise.

    • CCE
      09/26/2021 / 5:19 PM

      Absolutely agree. I loved seeing that DH was back, but when I tried on a pair last spring (even going up a size), I found the rise to be way too short. They have a $190 version that have longer rises, but I’m not paying $190 for knockaround khakis. It’s a shame because the material and cut are great.

    • SMB
      09/28/2021 / 7:46 AM

      The new shorts wear super weird. Bought a pair and they have sat in the back of the drawer after one wear.

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