Top of the Heap: Cooper from To Take The Train

Ladies and Gentlemen – I give you To Take The Train‘s Cooper, a Damn Good Dawg and one of Nashville’s finest:

Cooper of To Take The Train:

“my favorite piece in my whole closet is this t-shirt from my high school.  it was given to me on the first day of my freshman year.  it was supposed to be just for gym class, but every student wore theirs outside of school.  it was like a rite of passage: you made it to high school; you got the grey mba t-shirt.  they changed gym shirt companies my sophomore year and switched to a cheaper, starchier material and a lighter color of grey.  i’ve had this one now for 15 years and it’s still in great shape despite several girlfriends in college trying to steal it and one roommate offering me $200 for it.  there’s a lot of history in this shirt.” – Cooper Samuels, 2012



  1. 04/27/2012 / 8:57 AM

    Boo MBA! Says the FRHS grad… #rivals

  2. tim
    04/27/2012 / 9:30 AM

    Champion used to make a killer grey athletic shirt. I’ve got an old one from my college that I can’t wear anymore because I’m afraid it will fall apart. I would love to be able to buy another one without going back in time to 1994.

    Champion. If you’re reading this, bring back your old grey athletic shirt. Preferably made in the USA.

    UVM if you’re reading this, put some pressure on Champion to start making their great t’s again.

  3. Bert M. Campbell III
    04/27/2012 / 9:53 AM

    I always liked the MBA class ring you could wear it for life unlike other class rings that you would hide after high school. I would love to see a picture of one.

  4. Titus
    04/27/2012 / 10:57 AM

    The real question isn’t whether freshmen wear the gym uniform t-shirt outside of PE, it’s whether anyone other than a freshman would wear the gym uniform t-shirt outside of PE.

  5. 04/27/2012 / 11:54 AM

    Thanks again for including me, Jay.

    @Titus Everyone that went to MBA and got this particular t-shirt wore theirs outside of PE. When they switched from Soffe brand (different grey / different material), people quit wearing them. If you see someone wearing one now, you know it’s been coveted for a long time.

    @Paul Haha. It’s a friendly rivalry now.

    @Bert I’ve still got my class ring. It might be worth a post on to take the train. Good call.

  6. David
    04/27/2012 / 12:59 PM

    A FRHS and MBA rivalry will never be on the same level as the Ensworth MBA rivalry. Go Tigers!

  7. Stephen B
    04/30/2012 / 1:42 PM

    Go McCallie!

  8. Wade
    09/17/2012 / 1:44 AM

    I still have my MUS gym shirt like this one. My MBA fraternity brothers gave me grief for it though, ha.

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