Very NOS: Gokey Snake Boots

One of my go-to searches on Ebay is ‘Gokey’.  I found GREAT pair a year or so ago, and have been extremely pleased.  Gokey is an awesome company (now owned by Orvis, who really knows what they are doing), and make boots and other goods that essentially last forever.  Seriously – Gokey ranks VERY high as a value proposition.

I recently came across these boots on Ebay, and had to share.  The BIN price was pretty high (considering), and they aren’t my size, but all-in-all, these are works of art.  My guess is that these boots are ~30 years old, and have never been worn.  I’d bet they are ready to go out of the box…this proves that good craftsmanship will stand the test of time.

I’ve got a few quail hunts lined up for this Fall, and some of them are scheduled for when the temperature may be a little more ‘snake-friendly’.  I also have a few fishing spots where some snake boots may be necessary.  I’m in the market for some snake boots, and have a feeling I’ll score soon, but until then, I’ll have to drool over these:


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  1. Nem
    08/02/2017 / 8:28 PM

    Those are absolutely NOS judging by the no-longer-in-use GRO CORD soles.  I have a pair of these with the green cordura shaft (non-zip) that on one March afternoon saved me from a right nasty canebreak on a farm between Ellaville and Andersonville.  Thing lost a fang in the side of my boot and the strike felt like I’d been swatted with a paddle. 

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