There is something about this time of year. If I had my way, I would hibernate until Easter.  I love being at home with Mrs. RCS and #FrankDawg, going to be early, and doing my best to get in the gym to rid myself of the Christmas calories.  But we all get cabin fever sooner than later…so we sneak off to much warmer weather…more on that later.

It’s cold out.  I HATE cold weather.  I would have a hard time living much farther north than I do now.  Cold weather has this crisp, dry feel.  I can’t explain it, but this time of year I’m drawn to blues and grays.  Maybe all the North Pole shows?  The color of the sky?  Whatever.  This is how I do it during the Winter months:

From Top Left:

1. Persol 714 Sunglasses:  Persol is about as cool as it gets, and the bigger, bluer lenses make these just right for this time of year.
2. Brooks Brothers Half-Zip Sweater:  First off, medium or light grey is totally under appreciated in the sweater world.  It has a silver look that provides a great contrast with darker jeans and a dark jacket.
3. Penfield Kassan Mountain Parka:  Get something big and blue to protect yourself from the elements.  Down provides warmth and the 60/40 blend provides some water resistance.
4. Gitman Vintage Daywatch Japanese Volle Shirt:  Blue and grey plaid is absolutely perfect for this time year.
5. Tory Leather Spur Buckle Belt:  I actually prefer the medium brown leather during the winter.  I think it looks great and patinas just right come Spring and Summer.
6. Wolverine 1000 Mile Courtland Boots:  Dress boots are starting to become more and more mainstream, not just for the bearded urbanites who are just waiting for the next fad.  Take care of these like dress shoes and they won’t let you down.
7. Stance Blantree Cashmere Socks:  If you have to wear socks (and this time of year it’s a must), then get cashmere.  Of course.  Just don’t put them in the dryer.
8. Naked & Famous Skinny Guy Natural Indigo Selvedge Jeans:  The indigo color has a great blue tone and a good fit.  These are just wide enough to fit over your boots.
9. Orvis Cashmere-lined Deerskin Gloves:  Gloves are a bit of an anomaly, since you’ll only wear them a few times a year.  Since that is the case, it’s fine to make a smart investment…again, cashmere is the way to go, and deerskin is soft and functional.
10. Filson 48-hour Duffle Bag:  Let’s be honest, an overnighter is tough in the winter, considering all the layers you’ll need.  extra real estate when packing is a good thing.

What are your go-to’s during the Winter months?


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