Young Man/Old Man x The Cordial Churchman Cordies

Conor over at Young Man/Old Man recently teamed up with the great folks at The Cordial Churchman to offer ‘Cordies’ – sunglasses straps made from 550 paracord.  Quite an interesting combination, but it works.  Hand made in the Palmetto State, these are ready to go:

They are substantial, in a good way.

Offered in Camo, Orange, Black, and Royal

Action Shots

As I said – they work.  The knot is a simple way to keep the Cordies on your glasses – just make sure it’s tight and won’t slip off.  Head over to The Cordial Churchman and get some for yourself.



  1. 10/21/2011 / 11:52 AM

    Dig them as bracelets, watchbands, or even keychains. As straps on yr sunglasses they seem overly bulbous. Also, the loops that the glasses slip into, seem ok for day to day wear–but I don’t know if I’d trust them on a roller coaster in the summer.

    Cool concept, though.

  2. 01/31/2012 / 9:13 PM

    Cool but mine slipped off of my 180$ oakleys and almost lost them on my speed boat why DONT BUY!!!!!!!!M!!!!!!.!!!!!!!!!.,:(

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