39 x 43 Pop Up Shop – This Weekend

This weekend is the 39×43 Pop Up happening at the Shops Around Lenox.  It’s pretty cool that someone is finally doing this.  There have been various conversations over the last couple of years about getting a bunch of the good Atlanta-ish brands together for some sort of party.  Jess Graves and a couple co-horts found the space and are taking the bull by the horns:

From Jess: “The 39×43 Pop Up Shop is a curated mix of independent Southern style. We had some space at Shops Around Lenox that was going to be empty for a bit before we built out a new shop, so I thought it would be cool to utilize it by offering up high-traffic luxury retail space to a variety of hand-picked brands who maybe don’t have their own brick and mortar or just wanted access to our customer. Brian, Clay and I pulled together a rag tag group ranging from big guys like Billy Reid to startups like Res Ipsa and staples like The Old Try for a weekend-long party complete with good booze and tunes – and then invite everybody to come hang with us. We’re so psyched to see it all come together now that it’s only days away.”

Jess reached out and asked me to put together a pick list of what I’m looking forward to seeing.  While there isn’t enough space to highlight everything, here are a few:

Clockwise from top left:

Red’s Outfitters Newell Sunglasses:  Chrystal Clear.
Leather Belts from Tweeds:  Cool shop here on the Westside that is run by two of the greatest guys you’ll meet.  Their take on the ring belt is the best one out there.
Bird & Trout Knife from Oakleaf & Acorn: Everyone needs a stag-handle knife, whether you use it to open mail or field dress a bird.
39 x 43 print from The Old Try: How appropriate for this event.  Micah rarely misses, and this is truly a symbol of ‘To Dixie With Love’.
#8 Wool Loafers from Res Ipsa: I’m really excited to see the Res Ipsa collection.  I’ve been talking with Josh and Odini for a while, and they have some really great stuff.
Andover Trask Coal Bag: Totes, totes, and more totes.  The coal bag is the perfect size for a beach bag.  Andover Trask doesn’t disappoint.

Be sure to make your way over this weekend.  It is sure to be a good time.


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