4th of July BBQ Help

With the 4th of July weekend upon us, it’s time to start thinking about your grocery list, and what you’d like to serve at your backyard BBQ.  Mrs. RCS and I are taking it easy this weekend, as we’re loaded up the rest of July (more on that later).  We started the discussion earlier about what we wanted to do…

I reached out to a good buddy of mine who has been in the BBQ business for a few years.  Ryan Lane runs Lane’s BBQ out of Bethlehem, GA.  He and I went to college together, and even though we were in rival fraternities, we ran around in the same circles.  Great dude.

He’s been killing it with his rubs, sauces, and catering (yep, that was a plug).  Anyway, I got him to share a couple recipes with us.  For an appetizer, his pimento cheese, and for dinner, his smoked wings.  Commence drooling…

From Mr. Lane:

Man… I love the 4th of July and this awesome country that we get to celebrate and be a part of! For my family, it’s a time to take a pulse on how the year is going, recharge the batteries, put our toes in the sand, spend some great quality time together… and of course BBQ! Can’t forget the BBQ! Even though it’s my job now, I still love every chance I get to experiment with new recipes or tweak old ones. Plus, I don’t think I could ever get tired of hearing the kids playing and laughing in the background, while Stacey and I get to relax around the Big Green Egg and catch up with friends and family.

So what’s your favorite dish to bring to a BBQ? We love appetizers and you can never go wrong with house made pimento cheese & some really sauced up chicken wings. The messier the better in our house! Here are some of my recipes below but feel free to spice them up to fit your palate. Would love to hear how they turn out!

Lane’s House Made Pimento Cheese



Shred cheddar cheese then place in bowl with rest of ingredients and mix together.

I’m pretty sure this is the fastest directions description ever. But that’s what makes it great!

…and for the wings…

Lane’s BBQ Smoked Chicken Wings


  • 5 lbs of Chicken Wings (wings/drums separated)
  • Lane’s BBQ rubs (I use Signature/Sweet Heat combo or SPF53)
  • Cherry wood chunks
  • Instant read thermometer
  • Lane’s BBQ Kinda Sweet Sauce


Remove wings from fridge and liberally season with Lane’s Rub. (I let them sit at room temp on the counter for 30-45 minutes before placing in smoker)

Set up Big Green Egg for indirect cooking @ 350 degrees. I would always aim for 50 degrees higher than you plan on smoking them at. That way once you put the wings on the temp will settle in around 300 degrees.

Once grill is around 350, toss in a handful of wood chunks, stir around with ash tool, place in indirect plate setter, then the grill grate. Place wings on grate and close lid. I usually flip these 1 time after about 20-25 minutes. Then, I smoke until the internal temp is around 190 degrees. Once internal temp is reached, I pour the bbq sauce in a bowl and toss the wings in the sauce. Then, I place them back on the grill for another 10-15 minutes so the sauce will start to caramelize. Then remove… let rest for about 10-15 minutes… and enjoy!!

All of our products can be purchased online at www.lanesbbq.com or visit our store locator on the site to find a location near you.

Hope y’all have a wonderful 4th of July and God Bless America!


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