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These weren’t included in the Goodwill Goods post from earlier this week, as I have a question for my readers.

I found these two pairs of Carhartts that are in perfect condition (washed enough to break them in).  I’ve wanted to get a couple pair to wear on the weekends and in more casual situations.  I’d wear these working in the yard, on bird hunts, in the woods…basically I’d like to beat the sh!t out of them.

After washing and hanging, I tried them on.  It turns out that these are the ‘Dungaree’ cut, which feature a really wide leg.  Not good.  These make MC Hammer pants look like tights.  I don’t want them slim, but I’d like to have an 8″-8.5″ leg opening, and the leg trimmed up all the way to the rivets.  Basically I’d like them to mimic the traditional fit Carhartts, known as the ‘Relaxed’ fit.

My question is this: can these Carhartts be tailored?  I doubt they could trim up the legs on the outside seam, as they have the leg pocket and hammer loop (the hammer loop is no big deal – I’ll probably cut it off anyway).  Can they trim these up using the inside seam?

Before you go down the “You’d really tailor Carhartts??” path, I got both of these for $5.39 each, and they were half off.  Tailoring should run between $10-$20 each, so if it’s possible to get these fixed, then I’d be into each pair for roughly half of what a new pair would cost.  If they can’t be fixed, I’m out $5.39.

What say you?  Is it possible to trim these up, or is it a lost cause?



  1. Nem
    02/24/2017 / 7:57 AM

    They can’t be properly tailored bud.  I’ve tried the same thing and not even the best tailor I found said she had confidence in the legs being straight after taking up material on that inside seam.  But, wear them in the yard anyway!
    Here’s a tip though, try Mountain Khakis original pant in slim – or “Broadway” – fit.  They have that 8″ leg opening you and I both seem to like.

    • JRS
      02/24/2017 / 3:58 PM

      I’m afraid that might be the answer…shame – the fabric on these is perfectly broken in.

  2. Scotch
    02/24/2017 / 10:38 AM

    Trying to tailor them would likely be a disaster.  Only solution is to hit the squat rack, eat beef and rice, and drink whole milk.  LOL

    • JRS
      02/24/2017 / 3:59 PM

      I always skip leg day, so these will never work.

  3. OhioHead
    02/26/2017 / 10:11 PM

    My “take” Carhartt has not “slimmed” down there fits yet…….like Pataguchi has not released a “stand up” short w/ 9″ inseam (& if they did (the leg openings would not be balloons…….))
    Gusset crouch is the game changer w/ MK…….proud owner of MK, P-guchi, Carhartt & Bolthouse work gear……

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