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As most of you are aware, I frequent Goodwill quite a bit.  In the past, most of my time was spent in the mens section, looking for treasures, and having some luck.  As the real estate in my closet has become more valuable, I’ve become much more selective in the mens section, and started devoting more energy in other sections of the store.  Having been a Goodwill guy for quite some time, there are stretches where I have some luck, and stretches where the pickings are slim.  Over the past couple weeks, it’s been on fire.

First up: Yes, of course I still peruse the mens section….this was from one stop at one store.  The NWT Barbour Dunmoor vest was a nice find.  The Alden shell cordovan 684 loafers are in excellent shape, but need to be resoled.  The Patagonia khakis are awesome – my size and don’t need any alterations.  Score.

Getting into shooting and hunting has me focused on appropriately stocking my closet.  This 80% cotton 20% wool tattersall shirt from Beretta was an awesome score.  This bad boy needs a wash and hang dry so it’ll soften up.  It’s a little wide, but totally worth the $10 bucks to have slimmed up at the tailors.

I’ve got more sport coats than I can shake a stick at.  I usually loosely go through the coat/jacket/suit section for good measure.  For me to bring one home, it has to be killer.  Well, this Southwick is killer.  And it fits me like a glove.  I have been looking for one of these Prince Albert checks for some time, and I really lucked out with this one.  Very soft shoulders, the wool is in excellent shape, and a broken sleeve button…for $6, it’ll do just fine.

Another areas Mrs. RCS and I hit pretty hard is the books section.  Especially the hardbacks.  Over the years, we’ve accumulated a few dozen large hardback books that we use not only as decoration, but for entertainment.  I found ‘Golf Courses of the PGA Tour‘ this week.  Perfect for the upcoming season:

Ties are funny.  I used to go through ties religiously, but accumulated so many it became an analysis/paralysis issue.  I did find some really high-dollar ties, but since I don’t wear them that much, they have been collecting dust.  Regardless, I always give them a quick look, and sometimes I find jewels like this old school Falcons club tie:

I could not pass up this vintage Wilson Pointmaker tennis racquet.  Perfect shape and $3.43.  Call it some inspiration from my visit to Read Wall.  I’ll use this to hammer tennis balls for #FrankDawg.  Or maybe some sort of mod, don’t-take-yourself-too-seriously decor.  I don’t know.

The ‘decoration’ isles are usually stocked with 99% junk – especially the wood isle.  You can usually stock up on wooden hangers in no time, and every once in a while you’ll find some shoe trees.  These old school jobs from Brooks Brothers were a score.  And they are my size:

The artwork is another area where I’ve put in a little work.  One thing I like to do is find good vintage frames.  We have a bunch of art that needs to be framed, and you can never have too many.  Not to mention professional framing is expensive…  Every once in a while, you’ll find some good pieces that are hang-worthy, like this French bistro watercolor:

…and these Blue Winged Teals.  I actually passed on this one, as there was a little water damage on the print.  I am kicking myself for not picking it up, as these Audobon prints are very easily (and cheaply) found on Ebay (example).  The frame is perfect size…

The absolute last thing I need are more hats.  However, unworn jewels like this will always make their way home with me:

More to come…hopefully.



  1. Dr J
    02/22/2017 / 8:29 AM

    One day I’m going to find the Goodwill(s) you frequent. 

  2. Adam B.
    02/22/2017 / 9:23 AM

    Great post. I’m a goodwill guy. Love the thrill of the hunt. I never have luck in the art section like you. Have had tremendous luck in the shoe section, however. My wife rolls here eyes every time I bring a new pair home. I guess there are worse vices to have. 

    • JRS
      02/22/2017 / 12:29 PM

      At least it’s not an expensive hobby…

  3. 02/22/2017 / 9:23 AM

    Alright, time to share. Which goodwill are you having such good luck at? I’ve tried Northside near west midtown and Piedmont, having left with not even a book! 

  4. John Ross
    02/22/2017 / 5:36 PM

    I love a nice goodwill trip! I work with fraternity and sorority students who surprisingly are avid goodwill shoppers and it’s exciting that we get to share our goodwill find stories. 

  5. Nem
    02/23/2017 / 8:25 AM

    God as my witness, I am going to spend a couple of days touring all the Atlanta GW locations to identify this jackpot.

  6. Taylor
    02/26/2017 / 8:18 PM

    Buckhead Goodwil off Roswell Rd

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