December Trip To Scott’s Antique Market

I hate the mall.  The idea of going to a building with retail stores that are all over-marketing to get you to spend on ‘fake’ sales makes me a little nauseas.  I avoid malls at all costs.

The one time that I do enjoy a mall-like experience is the second weekend of every month, when the Atlanta Exposition Center hosts Scott’s Antique Market.  Mrs. RCS and I have gone (almost) every month for the last year an a half, sparked by us moving from our 1100 square-foot condo to a big house that has a lot of rooms and walls to fill.  We’ve shown off plenty of our great finds over the last year, and here’s what caught our eye this month.

The December bounty:

Vintage Budweiser advertising.  My man TJ called it out – I should have grabbed it for him.

A pair of kilim chairs that spoke to Mrs. RCS.  We tried to get creative, but just don’t have a great place for these in our home.  They were a steal, but unfortunately we just don’t have the real estate (and we already have several extra pairs, each purchased on a whim, presently living in our basement).  Very Res Ipsa:

(Very) vintage stag carving set.  Super cool, but they’s need some serious cleaning, sharpening, and sanitizing before cutting and serving anything:

We’ve had a TON of luck with art at Scott’s.  We’ve collected several Keil’s, and a few local pieces that fit our style.  We saw this 1883 Indenture document from England and pulled the trigger when we talked her down to $40.  It does need to be reframed, but worth every penny for such a large and interesting piece.  The seal on the left side and the wax signature on the bottom are authentic.  We’re pumped:

Vintage leather luggage.  There were some super cool pieces, but we prefer suitcases with wheels.

…but she almost made an exception for these vintage Louis Vuittons.  I have to admit, they were very cool.  Quality pieces last a LONG time.

I’m a sucker for taxidermy, and these hogs may be the coolest I’ve ever seen.  “We” decided that these didn’t fit our decor.  #FrankDawg would have loved them.

Swords.  Incredible.  I instagrammed them under the  ‘home protection’ banner:

Old-school Ping putters.  A good price, and they would look GREAT cleaned up (or not).  Remember: it’s a putter.  The term ‘technology’ doesn’t really hold much water for a flat stick that rarely swings faster than 10 MPH:

Vintage fly fishing creels.  This one was a work of art.  I’ve gotten to know this vendor.  She sources these beauties from Maine.   I may be back for this one.

Surprisingly, the watch selection at Scott’s was OUTSTANDING this month.  It tends to be hit or miss.  I counted 25 Pateks, and there’s no telling how many I missed.  Mrs. RCS wanted the blue-faced Ellipse below:

The patina on this Baume et Mercier was outstanding.  They wanted a little more than I wanted to spend, but now I’m on the hunt.  Image this with a shiny alligator strap…outstanding:

Very interesting color combination on this Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Submariner.  Lots going on here:

I’ve been on the hunt for a signet ring.  I’m giving no details on this one, because I woke up the day after and still REALLY wish I would have bought this.  It was expensive, but is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  Mrs. RCS has the guy’s card (hint):

See you in January…



  1. Jay
    12/14/2016 / 9:56 AM

    Holler when you roll in in that signet ring.

  2. Nem
    12/15/2016 / 9:13 PM

    You know I’m a frequent reader and seldom commenter. I know you appreciate feedback, so here goes.

    It is Scott Antique Markets. It is not Scott’s Antique Market.

    And avoid buying someone else’s emblem on that pinkie ring. Get a signet ring of your own that includes your family crest or coat of arms. And also, consider a standard ring firnger size before going with the pinkie size.

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