Fall Wish List

One thing you’ll notice about my Fall Wish List: not a lot of color.  In the past, Fall usually draws me to brighter tones, including emerald sweaters, red tweed sport coats, and bold plaid trousers.  Not this year.  I’m turning the volume down this Fall, and digging a lot on the subtle, darker, natural tones.

There is a lot of great stuff out there (and still being released), but here are the Fall goods that I’ve got my eye on:

From top left:

1. Gun Club Check Sport Coat: I’d really like to add a tan Gun Club check sport coat to my arsenal this year.  This is a great example from Drake’s, and I’ve seen quite a few at Miller Brothers and other men’s stores.  These never go out of style, and toughen up any look.
2. Raleigh Denim Jones Brushed Twill Pants:  The color of these pants is listed as ‘Juniper’.  I would call them ‘dark green’, and wear them all the time.  I really like the more natural green look with a blue oxford and #7.  Sharp as a tack.
3. Penfield Carney Fleece Pullover:  This would be the ‘wear all the time’ sweatshirt.  I like that it as a little something on the chest.  It’s hard to beat Penfield in terms of quality, and I really like what they’ve done with their brand as of late.
4. Bengal Stripe Dress Shirts:  Believe it or not, bengal stripe dress shirts are pretty tough to find.  I got this one from Read Wall (more to come), but had to have it custom made.  Seems like that’s the way to go, and it’ll be 100% worth it.
5. Filson Ranger Backpack:  I did a post on Dad Bags and didn’t include this one.  100% my bad.  A good buddy of mine got one and uses it as a dad bag, and swears by it.
6. Holderness & Bourne Robbins Quarter Zip:  I absolutely love quarter zips, and Holderness & Bourne have given new life to a wardrobe staple.  More colors coming, but this ‘Atlantic’ blue is perfect for Fall and Winter.  The weight is just right, and the fit is spot on.  Works on the course, at the office, or at happy hour.  Swish.
7. Alden 666 Suede Tassel Loafers:  I keep putting these Alden brown suede tassels on wish lists…I need to quit pussyfooting around and pull the trigger.
8. Ball and Buck Handmade Fishing Net:  One thing I absolutely need to add to my fly fishing stockpile is a good net.  The trout are calling…
9. Corgi Pure Cashmere Socks:  I mean, if you are going to wear socks, wear cashmere, amiright?
10. Bobwhite Quail Belt from Reserve Belt:  I came across Reserve Belt by accident, and I’m really glad I did.  Completely different than anything I’ve ever seen.  Extremely good craftsmanship, and even thought it’s a little ‘high-end’ hunting lodge, I love it.  The whole collection is top shelf.
11. L.L. Bean Button Neck Irish Fisherman’s Sweater:  The type of sweater that you wear for an entire weekend away…and she wears it for the ride home.
12. Hamilton Khaki Pilot Watch:  This is about as busy as I’ll get with a watch.  I really like the look as an everyday watch.  The 42mm size is preferable, and the minute numbers is a nice touch.
13. Russell Moccasin X Covey Rise Upland Boots:  The absolute top of the heap in terms of upland footwear.  These are the type of boots that would last for the rest of my life.  Might be a good value proposition considering I plan on burning some serious gunpowder chasing dove, quail, and pheasant over the next few years…

What’s on your wish list this Fall?


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  1. Nem
    09/08/2017 / 10:08 AM

    Raleigh Denim popped up on my radar some time ago.  Their jeans are the best I’ve ever owned.  The Jones fit is perfect.

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