The Morning After – Volume 1

Welcome to the first edition of The Morning After.  My intent is to talk about the day of college football that was, with my semi-professional input.  I may change the title, or I may not.  Right now it feels right.

College football season is finally here.  All the hype and circumstance are finally laid to rest, and the teams get to prove their worth on the field.  I love all the pre-season trash talk and elevated expectations, especially since we all put our hopes and dreams on the shoulders of 18-20 year old kids who are trying not to get suspended for the opener.  Regardless, we wear our team colors, drink way too many Miller Lites, and allow the fate of the game to dictate our attitude for the rest of the week.  It literally doesn’t get any better.

My thoughts on what went down:

“What did the five fingers say to the face?”

  • Let’s start at the top: Alabama vs. FSU in the Dome Mercedes Benz Spaceship.  How on earth was FSU favored in this game?  I’ve got a lot of family that went to FSU, and I know they teach math down there, so let me spell it out for you: if you can’t score more points than them, you lose.  Alabama’s defense would stop most NFL teams, and unless a team figures out how to score half a hundred on The Tide, expect to see them back in Atlanta for the Natty.  FSU is really good, and will do fine in the ACC, but will need to have a more comprehensive offensive plan if they want to win it all.

“Maize is so hot right now”

  • Florida looked awful.  They have no offense whatsoever.  I’ll never be a Michigan fan after learning Jim Harbaugh has a slumber parties with a recruits, but watching the Wolverines beat the Gators was only bittersweet.  However, I fully expect the Gators to put it all together for one weekend this season, probably around Halloween in Jacksonville vs. Georgia.
  • Bummer for Texas.  I really thought they were going to pull it out vs. Maryland.  It would have been a  great way to start the Tom Herman era.  Considering the expectations in Austin are a National Championship in year one (MAYBE year 2), this was a really tough way to start.  Still – I like how the Longhorns played, and think this will be a great motivator for that program.  I expect them to be back in the spotlight in the next 2-3 years, especially since A&M and Baylor are circling the drain.

“I’m a cowboy.  On a steel horse I ride.”

  • Tons of hype around Josh Allen, the QB from Wyoming.  He looks like he has all the tools to be an NFL QB: arm strength, size, height, hot girlfriend, but plays for a Wyoming.  They didn’t fare that well vs. a good Iowa team, but I think this guy is going to be good.  AnD considering how desperate the NFL is to find QBs that aren’t horrible, and pay obscene amounts of money (Bortles, RG3, Tannehill etc), he’ll get drafted, make a ton of money, and hopefully turn out more like Roethlesberger (as a player).

“What do you think, coach?  Should I go play QB at Auburn?  They love ex-Bulldogs.”

  • Very impressed with the UGA defense.  Highly intrigued by the UGA offense.  Our OL looked bad, Chubb and Michel looked good, not great, and our QB situation is better than the season-ending cliffhanger of Melrose Place.  Early indications are that Eason sprained his knee, and there isn’t a timetable for him to come back.  The big question is ‘who cares?’.  Quite frankly, Fromm looked as good or better than any freshman QB I’ve ever seen (including Stafford).  His receivers helped, as well as the simplified playbook.  App State is a good program, but nowhere near the competition he’s about to face over the next month, but I’d be more than happy to see a kid with some fire under his ass lead this team vs. a meathead with a canon for an arm.  Eason gives me Cushlash:

“I just wanna play football, Jerry.”

Other notes:

Loser uniforms of the week: Maryland.  Wow…Under Armor, come on…you aren’t going to get on the backs of any college programs looking like reject Darth Maul halloween costumes.

“May the force be with you.”  “What??”

Tommy Tuberville is the worst announcer ever.  I’d rather listen to a heavy smoker announce a game in German.

I still think UGA destroys Notre Dame.

See you next week – JRS

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  1. ACM
    09/03/2017 / 10:31 AM

    Great post. Texas should feel humiliated. You’re Texas, they’re Maryland. In football. I don’t care if you and I are coaching Texas, they have to win that game. Eason/Fromm will get very interesting. Could end up like when Aikman tore his ACL in the opener in OU/Miami 100 years ago and then his replacement runs the table, aikman transfers. Bama will be in the playoff. 

  2. RC
    09/03/2017 / 12:01 PM

    Watch out.. the bayou bengals now hv an offense. Great to see a good defense.. starting 3 true freshman.. and the tigahs pitched a shutout and the mormons never passed midfield. Luv your blog!

  3. You suck
    09/04/2017 / 10:40 PM

    Yea this isn’t the most biast thing I have read….

  4. matt
    09/05/2017 / 4:59 PM

    Nice recap but the worst NFL team could hang 100 on Alabama. This line of conjecture needs to die.
    I do very much hope your Dawgs wreck Irish. Best of luck to them. 

  5. Kyle
    09/06/2017 / 10:47 AM

    Noles were never favored in that game. They were at best a 7 point underdog everywhere I saw. FSU’s offense was not necessarily their demise, their special teams debacle and lack of ability to flip field position most certainly was. Bama has a great defense but not good enough to beat any NFL team. This was not a well-written or reasonably thought-out recap.

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