Head’s Up: 1995 Defender 90 For Sale

Some History: In 1994 Land Rover North America imported approximately 1,943 Defender 90’s into the U.S (another 87 went to our Canadian friends). The majority were soft top versions, in either a full soft top or a “fastback” half soft top configuration. These stateside trucks were quite different from their European cousins (collectively called ROW trucks for “rest of world”).

Second Daily Classics is proud to offer for direct Buy Now this 1995 NAS Defender 90 SW (station wagon) with air conditioning and manual transmission. Powered by its original 3.9L V8 and showing 161k miles on the odometer, this D90 is reported to be rust free and in overall very good condition with many maintenance items recently completed. It ships from Massachusetts with a clean clear title.

Financial and shipping assistance is available. They also offer a Buying Assistance program to help facilitate the transaction between buyer and seller. If you would like to have this vehicle inspected, Second Daily will cover up to $200 on a pre-purchase inspection if you go on to purchase the vehicle.

The Alpine white exterior paint shows very well. It is fitted with the factory North American spec roll cage on the exterior and interior, along with the front brush guard and bumper. Side steps have been added. The interior is reported to be in excellent condition, with no major signs of wear. It has two new leather heated front seats, a locking Tuffy center console, a bluetooth headset/CD/radio/USB, air conditioning (yes!), and rubber floor mats throughout. No rust is reported on the interior including bulkhead and footwells.

Overall there are no major rust spots, only very minor dings in various places. The chassis has been Waxoyl coated twice for rust prevention. The rear cargo area is equipped with the 4 jump-seat option. The seller reports that mechanically the truck has had a full top end engine service, including head gaskets, full valve job, shocks front and rear, new factory coil springs (all approx. 35k miles ago). A new exhaust system, new fuel lines, air filter, new battery, front and rear brakes, new stock seat belts, new speakers throughout, new factory headliner, rear ladder, tinted windows, new side steps and various other upgrades/replacements have been done recently. Receipts for purchases, maintenance and a full inspection report can be provided. The truck runs great and shifts very smoothly.

Second Daily Classics provides the same great services of buying assistance and PPI reimbursement if you go on to purchase this D90. Click here to see the full listing.

Thanks to Second Daily Classics for the head’s up…

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  1. Fritz
    02/05/2019 / 3:46 PM

    Undoubtedly a very clean and gorgeous Defender.  With that said, I would have to think you’d buy this vehicle for very defined purposes.  I can’t imagine a mid-90’s British SUV to be all that comfortable in the urban South…and I can’t imagine the AC blows too cold.  Even driving a modern full-sized pickup in the city can be a pain.

    • Steven
      02/05/2019 / 6:14 PM

      I agree with you but can’t the same be said for the Wrangler? I thin of this vehicle in the same way as I thin of my Miata. Some people use it for it’s intended purpose and some people drive it because they love it and can live with its “faults”. 

    • JT Lancer
      02/05/2019 / 6:20 PM

      Having owned a Defender without A/C while living throughout Georgia it was rough. The A/C in the NAS trucks obviously a big improvement but still leaves a lot to be desired. The V8’s tend to get warm on the floorboards too…

      • Nem
        02/06/2019 / 8:10 AM

        My ’97 D90 ST had factory A/C and it worked well in SOWEGA summers.  These trucks are serviceable and capable, but not for the easily intimidated or “un-handy” types.  If you have tools and basic automotive mechanical and electrical knowledge the NASD90 is very easy to maintain.  But for the aftermarket deep window tint, this example appears pretty solid.

  2. 02/09/2019 / 8:47 AM

    Thanks RCS for picking this up!  If anyone has any questions, I am the CEO/Founder of Second Daily Classics and Rovers are my personal and professional passion. These trucks aren’t for everyone (thankfully, they are reserved for those with a refined taste in British classics and Lucas electronics). They are also an investment, both upfront but also an appreciating asset…not too many things you can throw a wet dog in the back of, drive through the muck and urban roads for the next 20 years and still get a return on your money.  Anyone is free to call me directly 423-401-8416 or email support@seconddaily.com

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