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This time of year, there is so much good stuff flying across the Interwebs…except for all the sale emails that inundate our inboxes.  Well, it’s marketing, and there are some good deals to be had.  That said, there are five in particular that have been great to see:

1. Emmie of Southern Proper in the Wall Street Journal – Emmie has been a great friend for many years now, and it was so great to see her and her company Southern Proper featured in the Wall Street Journal.  I completely agree with what she said – be a niche company that works within your bounds and grow slowly and smartly (pardon the paraphrase).


2. Mid-Century Salvage in Charlotte – Personally I have never been, but my brother, who has spent some time up in Charlotte, turned me on to them.  Absolutely incredible.  I’m not a huge furniture guy, but I do know that I love the mid-century stuff.  So much so that the (future) Mrs. and I will probably take a trip up before long…  Check out their website and their Facebook pages for some really cool pieces.


3. Fox Needlepoint Belt from Asher Riley – Cool new outfit based in Birmingham…doing some good things with needlepoint.  This Fox Belt is outstanding…and you know I like the fox.


4. Icon – I saw a quick blurb about this LA-based company that refurbishes old trucks (among other things).  The bit on TV was a bit profound, but their website isn’t.  What they do to these iconic trucks is out of this world.  Be careful – this website will suck you in…the images are outstanding.  What I wouldn’t do for one of those Broncos or one of the LR FJ’s.  Wow.


5. Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table from Mizzen & Main – Every room should have a statement piece, and this would definitely fit that bill.  Mizzen & Main are known for their shirts, but there are a few other jewels on their site…including this piece.  Made from an original whiskey barrel, a base was added for stability, and the top actually opens for storage in the barrel.  Cheers to that…


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