For all those looking to spend a little under a hundred buckeroo’s:

From top left:

1. The Perfect Wallet from Ball & Buck:  This is one of those gifts that only gets better with age.  You start using a front pocket wallet like this and you wonder why you ever needed all that stuff in your old bi-fold.
2. Spyderco Tenacious G10:  Can you have too many knives?  The blacked out look is sharp and the clip is handy.  Opt for the serrated and flat blade – it adds more utility.  This ain’t your normal whittler.
3. Everlane Weekender Duffle Bag:  It’s time to stop using that old Jansport backpack for trips with friends.  You are an adult now.  Act (and pack) like one.
4. Maurice’s Southern Gold BBQ Sauce:  This is liquid gold.  It goes well on everything.  The gallon size should last you until about mid-year.
5. Patagonia Better Sweater Quarter-Zip:  No denying that Patagonia is known for quality.  It’s almost impossible to wear their stuff out.  Even though they are known for their Stand Ups and fleeces, this sweater is a great option that doesn’t have to be worn on the side of a mountain.
6. Bridgestone B330-RX Golf Balls:  Even though you won’t be swinging the clubs for a few months, there’s no reason you can’t start stockpiling ammo.
7. Orvis Initial Belt:  This will become your everyday belt.  The buckle isn’t so big that you cowboy up, but just the right size.  Khakis, jeans, whatever.  Just remember that these are initials, not your monogram.
8. Tovolo Square Ice Cube Trays:  Be like all those cool bartenders who know what they are doing.  This is the best ice to cut bourbon or scotch…so it’s best to get two trays, as they will go quick.
9. Belle Meade Bourbon:  You can never go wrong with bourbon.  There’s always room for one more bottle.
10. The Mason Shaker:  Couple things about this bad boy – first, it’s a mason jar, and I know that they are completely overplayed.  But – it’s huge, and you can easily mix two drinks and change, while seeing what the concoction looks like.  Just don’t serve the drinks in mason jars while burning your mason jar candle and lighting your mason jar Christmas lights.
11. Timex Black Weekender Watch:  The best beater you can buy…and as with #2, the murdered out look sets you apart from everyone else.
12. Southern Proper Varsity Vest:  Ok, so this may go over a hundred, but it’s totally worth it.  It’s got zippers and hidden compartments like you wouldn’t believe.  The fit is great and the color scheme goes with everything.



  1. thebigsteezy
    12/16/2013 / 10:45 AM

    A man after my own heart with Maurice’s liquid gold. I do prefer Shealy’s myself, but Maurice’s is great. I have a case of Shealy’s shipped out to Austin each year.

  2. thebigsteezy
    12/16/2013 / 10:46 AM

    Hah. I just noticed you have my golf balls on there too. They work just as well in the winter as they do in the summer 🙂

  3. RHW
    12/16/2013 / 3:51 PM

    Chester Mox #52 is the only choice for front pocket wallet.

  4. 8 moss a milking
    12/17/2013 / 5:06 PM


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