High Five: August 9, 2016

Five things that have my attention this week:

1 Truman Boot Company – I recently came across these guys by accident.  The Pennsylvania company does made to order boots that look to have a non-Ronald McDonald toe box.  Very cool, and tons of options – including the highly desirable Dianite sole.  It’s safe to say that these guys are on the list.


2. Sendero Provisions Co. Hats: The patch-front hats have been all the rage over the last year, but the Sondero folks took it to a whole new level.  I want them all.


3. Abel Reels Grateful Dead Special Edition Fly Reel: Mrs. RCS have recently picked up fly fishing, taking a couple classes from Orvis, and starting to make our list of equipment so we can get going on our own.  Abel is top shelf, and probably a little out of our wheelhouse, but this Grateful Dead special edition reel may make me think twice… ‘don’t you let that deal go down’…


4. ‘Narconomics’ by Tom Wainwright: It almost reads like fiction, but it’s actually a really good economics book.  Needless to say the ‘business’ aspect is fascinating.  Highly recommend.


5. Nike has announced that it is exiting the golf equipment business, stopping production of their clubs and balls.  They will focus on apparel and footwear.  Probably a smart move.  Hard to say this isn’t related to Tiger Woods’ absence from the game.  Where will he and Rory go?



  1. Steven Bremer
    08/09/2016 / 10:06 AM

    My guess is that Rory goes to Taylormade or Puma.

    Tiger will still be sitting on his couch.

  2. JRS
    08/09/2016 / 10:54 AM

    @Steven – I don’t know…They both played Titleist before Nike…and Rory struggled with Nike since the switch. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them both to back to the Mothership. I would.

  3. Will
    08/09/2016 / 4:03 PM

    They are going to continue to wear Nike shoes and clothes. That move all but eliminates both Taylormade(Adidas) as well as Cobra(Puma). I think there will be a slow transition from a full bag of Nike clubs at first. We could see Rory putting a new or old Scotty in the bag sooner than later. I don’t know if they burned bridges with Titleist when they left or not even if they didn’t Titleist isn’t one to sign big names later on in careers, they seem to be attached to guys early on and then let them go. I’d like for Nike to give them enough freedom to piece a bag together instead of them signing on with another brand and having 14 of the same companies’ sticks in the bag.

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