High Five: The Crown & Caliber Edition

My watch tastes are changing all the time.  I love my rotation, and have no desire to ‘trade out’ anything that I have, but I’m always looking at the next thing.  Not that I need it, but because I want it…   For today’s High Five, I’m showing you five watches from my friends at Crown & Caliber that have my full attention:

1. Rolex Sea Dweller:  More to come on this beauty, but I love everything about this watch.  The look, the feel, and the fact that it goes 12,800 ft deep.  Top that, GMT.

2. Bell & Ross Vintage:  A fantastic looking watch for an every-day-er.  The numbers give it a cool deco look, and the rubber strap make it super functional in just about any condition.

3. Zenith Pilot GMT:  I’ve really gotten into pilot watches lately, and quite frankly, Zenith doesn’t get the sort of copy that they deserve.  They make some GREAT watches, and their Pilot GMT is no exception:

4. IWC Portuguese:  I’m still jones-ing for a dress watch.  I keep coming back to the Portuguese.  It’s like a mechanical work of art.  Very handsome:

5. Breitling Avenger II Seawolf Cobra:  I saw one of these in the wild, and it is super cool.  Tough as nails.  Like a vintage Hummer.  I could see this getting a lot of play with a rubber strap.

What say you?  What watches have your eye these days?




  1. HLL
    08/16/2019 / 7:00 AM

    I am a “diver’ fan – my next wants are (in no order) : Omega Seamaster 300 trilogy, Omega 300 wave dial, CWC 1983 re-issue, Doxa Sub and I want to add an Explorer 214270 back. I had one and got rid of it and miss it. I love my current watches as well – but looking is addictive. I like that “beater” Breitling, definitely buy used they have the re-sale value of a Ram truck. I love my Submariners, I tried a Sea-Dweller on and it was too bulky for my liking. I do have a desire to get a simple/dressy watch but also where it can be dressed down. I like the IWC 39mm Pilot. The spitfires are pretty cool.

  2. Steven Bremer
    08/16/2019 / 7:06 AM

    I bought my Tudor BB GMT from Crown and Caliber. Great group of guys.

    As for next watch it won’t be for me, but instead for my wife. I plan to get her something nice for our 10 year anniversary. Looking at either the new Nomos Duo series or the new quartz Cartier Santos.

  3. Brad Wesley
    08/16/2019 / 7:13 AM

    That Bell & Ross is a great looking watch

  4. Nem
    08/16/2019 / 8:15 AM

    A great selection at C&C! Do try that SD on though…it is enormous. I have GMTII 16710 and Sub ceramic 114060 and they wear about the same. The GMTII case is slightly thinner. My IWC MkXII 3241 is my dress watch, and a great option if you can find one. I really like that Bell & Ross, too. I have a Type Demineur with a date wheel alignment problem I need sorted out first. My Tudor Black Bay 36 stays in the box, never wear it, so it’s going to get traded on something soon.

    • HLL
      08/16/2019 / 9:28 AM

      I wish Everest would make a rubber strap for that 36. Would be a good way to beef it up! The 41 just looks bigger and the lines don’t fit. They should’ve made that a 39…that being said I love my BB58

      • Nem
        08/16/2019 / 9:40 AM

        I bought the BB36 the day it landed at Brown & Co in Buckhead. It was intended to be a stand-in for my vintage 1016 Explorer. Tudor’s build quality is excellent (especially the bracelet) and I like the snowflake handset, Somehow it just doesn’t work for me. The camo NATO strap is silly looking, but I could try an 18mm Hirsch Pure on it to change it up. My brother has an Everest black for his Sub 16600 and it looks a little too Planet Ocean, but is reportedly very comfortable.

  5. JohnM
    08/22/2019 / 12:17 PM

    All fine watches, any of which I’d be happy to wear, but the prices are too rich for my blood–particularly for a used watch. If I was in the market for a used dress watch, I’d seek out a Grand Seiko Snowflake–could probably find one for $5-$6K. For a new automatic diver, I’m a Seiko guy all the way–bad ass tool watches with a huge variety of price points, finishes and movements. I wouldn’t sleep on Squale, either. Their 1521 line is a unique, but still classic-looking, diver that comes in under $1k.

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