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Did anyone else get the Filson catalog this year?  It’s clear that they have seriously upped their game, expanding their offerings from bags, flannels, and Tin Cloth gear to being a full outfitter of just about every outdoor activity you can think of.  Their t-shirts are great, I like their flannels, and their Smokey the Bear gear is TOP NOTCH (I’m still looking for one of those Shinola/Smokey the Bear watches if anyone has a line on one…).  Check out this printed shirt that sold out in no time:

Another nice move that Filson has made is refining their color ways.  Specifically I’m talking about the canvas bags.  They have dumped the old chocolate brown color (which I would question – it really patina’ed nicely), but added a dark grey color they are calling ‘Cinder’.  At first glance: outstanding.  It is a departure from the old tried and true Filson of pre-2015, but I think it looks great. Today it is only offered in two styles: the original briefcase (256), and the medium duffle:

Personally, I think they should add the Small Pullman and the Ranger Backpack (with the otter green Tin Cloth as the top flap).  Both are very transitional pieces that would do well with a grey set.

What do you think, Filson folks?

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  1. Nolan
    01/04/2019 / 9:54 AM

    I always found it strange that there wasn’t much love for the Chocolate Brown Filson bags. I have the 257 (strangely discontinued model) and the medium duffle (picked up at Nordstrom Rack for $160) in Chocolate Brown. The tan has always been very popular but with too much patina it looks like ridiculous walking into a boardroom at work. The Cinder looks pretty sharp and a nice alternative from the tan. The Smokey watch is certainly sharp but I can’t get into the Shinola bait & switch gimmick, and $1000 is nuts for a Quartz watch. I’d pick up a Weiss watch for that kind of coin. They are actually made here in the USA.

    • Fritz
      01/05/2019 / 10:01 AM

      I completely agree with all of your points.  Love my tan original briefcase, but it does ridiculous in most corporate settings with too much patina.  I have one of the Shinola watches that I use as my weekend beater watch, purchased at TJ Maxx for around $180.

    • Nem
      01/05/2019 / 4:59 PM

      Liking the new cinder color…if I didn’t already have an attic full of tan Filson luggage already.  I wish they made a beefier travelers laptop backpack.

      • Brad
        01/06/2019 / 2:37 AM

        Agree on all accounts.. for most part. (Very coincidental to this post) i was actually in their flagship store today trying to burn a store credit …257.. didnt even know that WAS discont. until today – head shaker.. the cinder is a “why taken so long?” colorway – its terrrific but, to beat a (local perspective) viewpoint.. new flagship—awesome. New staff —> (aside from the “workshop” guys who are material / repair gurus — its literally 20 millenial kids who hound you constantly > its like being in JCrew..  they let go the former staff who were AWESOME & very knowledgable  (but .. older and non-“hip.” (Sorry im abusing quote marks on purpose). + the fabrics are distinctly cheaper… almost crappy. The core twill products..mackinaw.. etc.. essentially untouched. All of the other (inherently higher margin / made in asia/ soon to be 70% off at sierra trading post items.. just unimpressive, almost dissapointing. Smokey the bear??? Cmon. Random guy and I started bs’ing about the cooler line (lunch pack is great) and he read my mind with a “dude..  im not sure these guys will be around in 5 years” comment. If anything, i gotta say the only “ok..this is solid for workmanship + price point” products are the Dryden luggage pieces I saw. 
        And.. the new QUARTZ watches —> $350… not a single mention of Shi(t)nola 😉 They even look cheap. At least the Shinolas had some polish, classic design elements. 

        • Brad
          01/06/2019 / 2:44 AM

          One more thought —> im wondering (and earnestly asking) if your perspective on “upped their game” is due to .. them upping their game on the production/photography elements of their did the catalog make you ferl like they improved their offerrings versus the products? 

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