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So here’s the thing.  I got my Colonel Littleton front pocket wallet as a groomsman gift back in 2006.  The groom had no idea what to get his guys, and I suggested these wallets.  They were a huge hit, with all six guys using their wallets for quite some time.  I’m not sure how many are still in use, but I decided it was time to put mine out to pasture.

The recent trip to Colonel Littleton was an excellent opportunity to get a new one.  I had been debating getting the alligator option, but after looking around, I opted for the buffalo leather option.  Here is the old, and the new:

I really like the movement in the leather.  It is very sturdy, and lined on the inside with another layer of buffalo leather.  The original, cowhide is lined as well, so it’s great that they did the same for other models.

One of my favorite parts about these wallets is the embossing.  I asked if I could add a date to this one, and luckily, they were happy to oblige.  Adding a date to anything gives it a characteristic.  Almost as if you can remember that point in your life and think back.  I think it looks great:

Anyone else use a Colonel Littleton wallet?  Let’s see the goods…email me a picture and the year you got it and I’ll update the post.

5/6/17 Updates:

I love mine as a business card holder. It has enough space to carry 20 or so cards plus a few blank ones for notes I need to jot down. I bought mine three or four years ago as an actual wallet, but never got used to having such minimal space. When I started my new job and needed something to hold business cards I pulled this bad boy out of the drawer, and it has worked perfectly. I actually carry it in my back pocket opposite my wallet pocket. Love your blog!

-Stephen Snipes, Asheboro, NC

Bought in 2016. Love everything about Col. Littleton! – JAG

I received a buffalo leather front pocket wallet as a gift for Christmas 2013 and it has been in my pocket every day since. Love the wallet and great blog as well!  Tyler Ryan, Houston, TX



  1. SEM
    05/05/2017 / 8:35 AM

    I’m sold on Col Littleton if I can find just one feature that I need. My current, six-year old front pocket wallet has a small, snug spot for a house key. This pocket has housed my Russell Hall freshman year key all the way up to my first house key. This feature is great as I don’t have to carry around a bulky keychain.

  2. Nem
    05/05/2017 / 8:50 AM

    I prefer my 8 year old Chester Mox #52 in Horween cordovan color No. 8 with embossing.  Under $100 and not a chance It’ll putting out to pasture any time soon.  I am eyeballing that alligator cinch belt though…wow.

  3. Matt Herron
    05/05/2017 / 8:54 AM

    Been interested in one of these front pocket wallets after see another one of your post. But I do have a question. On their site they mention there is room for your license and a couple credit cards, so wondering what folks experience has been on how many you can actually comfortably carry?  Thanks for the input. 

    • Nem
      05/05/2017 / 10:20 AM

      I’m not positive but the Col. Littleton front wallet looks a bit thicker than my Chester Mox #52.  In it I have my carry permit and drivers license, 2 debit cards and a corporate visa card, and 4 business cards.  I like to keep it simple so it’s as thin as possible in my front pocket.  When necessary I can fold up cash in it, but usually I just carry a separate money clip for cash.  Prior to moving to a front wallet I had a nice alligator bi-fold with 8 card slots and two currency compartments.  I hated having that thing in my back pocket.

  4. Addison
    05/05/2017 / 9:17 AM

    I just ordered my first Front Pocket wallet in the vintage brown color about 4-6 weeks ago. It’s breaking in nicely. So far it’s one of my favorite wallets I’ve carried mainly because of the front pocket for some bills. I comfortably put about 6 cards in mine (license, health ins card, debit, credit cards) but you could easily go 8 or 9 I think. Looking forward to seeing how long this one will last and I’m enjoying breaking it in. 

  5. Nacho
    05/07/2017 / 10:26 AM

    Really liked the idea of the year too bad I didn’t think of that on the wallet I just received from them.  I am having a new briefcase made by a saddlemaker in Idaho, definitely going to have 2017 embossed on that

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