Kickstarter: Jack Donnelly – The Great Khaki Comeback

The best thing about running Red Clay Soul has been getting to meet some outstanding people that are involved in the industry.  Gregg Donnelly is one of those people.  I’ve known Gregg for about four years now, and I’m lucky enough to call him a good friend.  Not only has he been a partner with Red Clay Soul, but he has helped me tremendously in the direction of the blog, as well as being a sounding board for ideas, style, and general tomfoolery.

Gregg runs Jack Donnelly.  He makes outstanding khakis.  He is laser focused: his goal is to make the best khakis out there.  He isn’t planning on doing anything else.  I have quite a few pairs of Jack Donnelly’s, and you won’t find a better value proposition out there.  The quality is on point, the fit is outstanding, and the colors are exactly what you need.  Don’t forget the best part: they are MADE IN AMERICA.

Jack Donnelly is launching a Kickstarter starting today, with the intention of expanding his business.  I don’t ask much of my readers, but I’d like to ask you to help Gregg out.  I truly believe in what he is doing and plan on backing him.  Share this with your friends and take advantage of the Kickstarter offers.  Here are all the goodies:

Pledge $88 – get a pair of Jack Donnelly Khakis
Pledge $170 – get two pairs of Jack Donnelly Khakis
Pledge $249 – get three pairs of Jack Donnelly Khakis
Pledge $325 – get four pairs of Jack Donnelly Khakis

For you big spenders:

Pledge $1000 – Work with Gregg to design a custom pair of Jack Donnelly khakis
Pledge $2500 (or more) – Khakis for life…a new pair every year for the rest of your life

Here are all the details of the Kickstarter campaign.  Get on board, folks – this is a good one.



  1. Steven Bremer
    09/22/2014 / 1:09 PM

    I love their chinos and have been waiting for the Kickstarter to start since I saw them post something on Instagram. I was so excited to get in on this as an Early Bird.

    They are already over $12k in the first day. This could set a new record for Kickstarter.

    Best of lunch to the JD team.

  2. Steven Bremer
    09/22/2014 / 1:10 PM

    luck not lunch. I have food on the brain.

  3. 09/29/2014 / 3:41 PM

    I backed them last week. I already own a pair, and they are great pants. Very happy to see that they are already nearly double funded in just two weeks.

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