Masters Look: For the Guys

Masters week is a mere two weeks away.  Stew on that for a minute.  It’s the best week of the year.  We have a bunch of great content lined up, so buckle up.

Given that a lot of you are heading to Augusta for this annual pilgrimage, it’s a good idea to talk about what to wear.  Sure, it can be intimidating.  But don’t think too hard.  There are really two looks that are appropriate: the traditional look, and the tech set look.  I’ll define both:

The traditional look is for guys that aren’t into the the whole ‘performance wear’ look.  Usually an older, professional guy who has been to The Masters plenty of times, and is a member at a nice Country Club.  This guy spends roughly $100 in the merch tent, and the vast majority is for his kids/Godkids.  He’s there because it’s The Masters.


1. AGS Hat from Aviate:  A clean, simple white hat like this one, from your club, or some obscure brand that has a cool logo.
2. State Traditions Tour Visor:  Tour visors are a staple of this traditional look.  Something like this visor, or like #1, from your club or brand.
3. Ray Ban Aviators:  Simple sunglasses.  They work.
4. Persol Sunglasses:  Simple sunglasses.  They work, and they are Italian.
5. Criquet Player’s Shirt:  The old-school nod to the ultimate golf shirt.  Just make sure it’s ironed with collar stays.
6. Holderness & Bourne Chapman Shirt:  A clean white polo.  Logo (smaller than a quarter) optional.
7. A Peter Millar / JT Spencer Belt from Your Club:  This is the money maker.  The Millar/Spencer club belts are the new emblematics, and they are top shelf.  More refined than the needlepoints, but still do the trick.
8. Needlepoint Action from Matthias Kaupermann:  The heavy artillery.  Pair this with your monogrammed buckle and you are in business.
9. Performance Shorts from Onward Reserve:  The performance shorts are handy on the really hot days.  Onward did a great job with these – while they are performance fabric, they don’t look like it at all.
10. Simple Cotton Shorts:  Don’t think too hard.  These shorts are from Saturdays NYC, and are awesome.
11. Martin Dingman Kennedy All Sport Shoes:  The new style that works perfectly at The Masters.  The classic look with a golf-esque sole?  Sign me up.
12. New Balance 990s:  Classic.  Clean.
13. Extra Credit: Custom Needlepoint Belt:  As I mentioned in #7, a club belt is a great move here.  Just don’t be too loud.
14. Patagonia Torrentshell Windbreaker:  Always prepared, a windbreaker/rain jacket in case it’s in the forecast.  You can always leave it in the car if you don’t need it.

Then there are the guys that are a little more fashion forward, especially on the course.  These guys have embraced all the performance gear, so I’m calling this the ‘Tech Set’.  These guys are serious about their golf game, have the latest equipment, and the attire to match.  The Masters for them is like going to church.  They know exactly what shot they’d hit on every hole.  These guys spend $1000 at the merch Tent.  I like these guys.

1. Adidas Whipstart Sunglasses:  Justin Rose pulls these off.  The red lenses are a nice change up from your…
2. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses:  The best outdoor sunglasses in the world…not just for the water.
3. Tour Hat:  A hat from your favorite golf brand.  Just make sure you have the clubs in your bag…and if you have PXGs, I’m envious.
4. Footjoy Performance Stripe Polo:  The hidden gem of every clubhouse.  Affordable and available.  Club logo preferred.
5. Peter Millar Perfect Pique Pastel Polo:  Some sort of Millar pastel polo is a must.  Hey, it’s Augusta in April.  Match the foliage.
6. Adidas ClimaCool Vest:  Adidas outerwear has taken over Zero Restriction as the best rain gear out there.
7. Vineyard Vines Breakers Shorts:  While this inseam should be halved, the cost of these shorts leave some wiggle room for alterations.
8. Ralph Lauren Oxford Shorts:  Oxford shorts are the coolest shorts…both in fabric and in functionality.  They go great with that pastel Millar.
9. Holderness & Bourne Woven Stretch Belt:  Speith wears a belt like this.  It’s a sharp, classic look in an updated stretch woven fabric.
10. New Balance X Ball and Buck ML1978 Running Shoes:  You’ve graduated from the 990s to something a little more techy.  Skip the Nikes and stay with New Balance.
11. ECCO Cage Pros:  They are golf shoes, but the don’t look like golf shoes.  Acceptable only if the conditions are wet.
12. Extra Credit: Swims Loafers:  A new player in the field, they are comfortable and can withstand wet conditions.  In fact, Swims are made for it.  For the sans socks crowd.

Now: here’s what NOT to wear.  I’m happy to discuss, but these are based on my careful observation from multiple trips to Augusta.

  • NO flip flops.  Any other shoe option is better than flip flops.  I’ll even concede Chacos.
  • NO t-shirts.  ANGC is the pinnacle of golf courses.  Pay some respect and leave your Guy Harvey and ‘Salt Life’ stuff at home.
  • Nothing pre-2012 Rickie Fowler would wear.  The Monster Truck rally is a few months away.  Save it.
  • No white belts.  The end of this trend can’t come soon enough.
  • No golf shoes that look like golf shoes.  You aren’t playing.
  • No Florida Gators gear.  This isn’t a total knock on all Gator fans, but for some reason y’all coordinate EVERYTHING in orange and royal blue, from your hat down to your Reeboks.  Give it a rest.

What did I miss?



  1. Bart Good
    03/19/2018 / 9:47 AM

    No ANGC merch on course if you aren’t a member. Yes, I myself have gotten lucky to have a few things from the club, but have some respect to the members and leave at home.

    • JRS
      03/26/2018 / 8:04 AM

      Good call.  Unless the club has given you a green jacket, then leave the ANGC stuff at home.

    • TCB
      03/31/2018 / 8:05 AM

      What if a member gives you a cap to wear? Haha

  2. Poor Man
    03/19/2018 / 10:17 AM

    Don’t go all out on UGA stuff either. You would only be making the rest of us look bad.

  3. Scott
    03/19/2018 / 12:00 PM

    No masters logo items unless they have a date from a decade ago which shows you’ve been there before. 

    • JRS
      03/26/2018 / 8:04 AM

      True.  Any post-2000 Masters gear is a bad move.  Act like you’ve been there before.

  4. HL
    03/19/2018 / 12:15 PM

    Good stuff – minus the shoes on the first set in my own opinion obviously. They just scream 1990 Dad too much. As a 29 year old father of two, I still wouldn’t be caught dead in any of those. Rock some Canoos, Quoddy, Adidas Iniki – anything.You left out the wrist game – I am also not a fan of apple watches, or anything that counts steps. This is not the gym or airport/traveling.I agree 100% on the white belts, but the Pros are still wearing them and its very gaudy to me. Rors wore one this past Sunday.

    • Nem
      03/19/2018 / 2:24 PM

      Shoes are so often overlooked in this kind of planning.  I agree about the 990s…played out.  There are many classic and original options beyond the frat/dad cruiser.  Just make sure they aren’t brand new the day you plan to wander around the course.  Remember, too, that one of the basic tenets of traditional men’s style is it isn’t “planned” but instead just a polo and shorts, or a gingham long sleeve rolled up casually.  In the words of Jason Isbell, “don’t call what you’re wearin’ an outfit.”  See you all at the course.

      • ML
        03/23/2018 / 9:13 AM

        100% agree with the Isbell comment.  Guys don’t wear outfits.

      • JRS
        03/26/2018 / 8:05 AM

        Well said, NEM.  990s are just so easy.  Personally, I’ve gradated to the 1300s, and love them.  

    • JRS
      03/26/2018 / 8:06 AM

      We were there on Monday last year (it rained most of the day), and I saw a Masters veteran wearing the Bean Boot slides.  Strong play.

      • Nem
        03/26/2018 / 8:26 PM

        We’ll be there Fri – Sun and depending on weather could be in those Bean Boot “mocs” for sure.  Dry, warm, and sunny will bring out the Asics Tiger Gels (that’s right) for the course.

  5. Wally Ward
    03/19/2018 / 12:35 PM

    The “Amen” hat from Grindin Golf is also very cool.

  6. JS
    03/20/2018 / 9:04 PM

    Millar Perth pullover for the cool mornings.

  7. Tim
    03/25/2018 / 3:45 AM

    “ANGC is the pinnacle of golf courses.  Pay some respect and leave your Guy Harvey and ‘Salt Life’ stuff at home.” This would be a great idea away from the course also!!

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