Mother’s Day, by Mrs. RCS

You miss sports. Hell, we miss sports too. For now, for this week, Mother’s Day is your Game Day. And how do we win on game day? With a little planning!

Your kids won’t be coming home with themed arts and crafts this week. So, it’s time for a little DIY. Set some time with your kids this week for Art Class with Dad. Paint, draw, whatever… just let your kids create, and choose a way to frame, hang or otherwise display and present this artwork for her on Mother’s Day. If they are babies, consider a footprint or handprint on archival or otherwise fancy paper. Toddler finger paintings are basically abstract art. Frame simply with a white matte, and you’re essentially a designer now.

Another easy and still thoughtful idea: Consider finding time this week to snap a few quick photos of her with the kids. This doesn’t have to be staged or planned (although it can be), just look for those sweet moments yall naturally stumble into and use your iPhone to capture a few. Moms tend to always be on the other side of the camera, and she will appreciate photographs with her kids, I promise. Order a frame, pick up the pictures (matte not glossy) from CVS, and you’re set.

Build your playbook. It’s sounds ridiculous, but if you have the day planned for everyone, she wins. And when she wins, you win.

Set your alarm early Sunday morning, and be ready to snag the kids as soon as they are awake and get them occupied so she can really sleep in and enjoy a lazy morning without rushing. Bonus points if you do some extra straightening up on Saturday night, so she wakes up to a sparkly house that she didn’t clean! Have a family activity or adventure planned once she’s up and ready to go. Maybe it’s a family hike at Sope Creek, maybe it’s just a walk around the neighborhood. Put some thought into it this week, so you’re not scrambling come Sunday.

Halftime = Brunchtime. We’ve been loving the to-go options from our favorite local restaurants. Pro tip: place your order early this week, because everything everywhere will sell out. Pack the kids up, head out, pick it up, head home and set up. Have your kids help set a table scene al fresco, the weather should be wonderful! Cut flowers from around your yard for the table, or order from links below. Make it nice. Whatever works, so long as it’s thoughtful, she’s not cooking, and you’re cleaning up after.

Our kids nap from about noon til 3, so RCS gets a pass on planning much of the afternoon. If your kids are older, you need another activity ready to ward off those afternoon scaries. Set up a couple chairs and let the kids run through the sprinkler, build a fort or go for a bike ride. Again, it’s really not the what that’s important here, it’s that it’s already planned and she doesn’t have to figure something out to entertain everyone.

Keep it simple for dinner. I’d be happy with a couple pizzas and a nice bottle of red. Think about what she would like, and then DO THAT THING.

And as the weekend wraps up, let her enjoy the evening in peace. Draw a bath, add bubbles, pour some bubbles (or her favorite “Mommy juice”), light some candles and leave. Why don’t you handle bath time and bed time, and let her just relax and reflect on the great day she’s had with her family…

Mother’s Day isn’t about things, but should you feel inclined (like if this is her love language), here are a few winners:

1. Artwork by kids, framed or otherwise displayed
2. Framed photo of her with her kids. Lots of options for frames, try to stay in a similar style to what is around your home. In our home, the majority are silver, style and size are variable.
3. Flowers: These are a must guys. Clippings from around your yard, made into arrangements with your kids are the cutest. Nothing blooming at the moment? Our friends at Lucy’s Market make it easy, and you can also order classic roses here or cheerful Iris here.
4. Speaking of flowers, a great “activity” on Sunday would be filling big planters with plants, flowers, and various green things you’ve procured in advance. If you don’t have these from seasons past, there are easy options from the internet here and here, and your local nursery or HD will also have great options. Keep them simple, modern and in her taste, not yours. This heady little lady (4) is my favorite and would be great for a smaller planting for her home office, study, vanity, etc.
5. Airpods, so she can shut everyone out and get down with her favorite Spotify playlist or Podcast.
6. A cute new purse for her bi-weekly trips to Trader Joes.
7 and 8. Jewelry her thing? RCS gifted me this “Mama” necklace a few years ago, and I wear it every day. Here are options for (from L to R) funky earrings, updated hoops, a fancy bracelet and a fun necklace.
9 and 10. Make her bath time today THE MOST, with these appropriately named “chill pill” bath bombs, and very GP body scrub. These sphere candles are pretty enough to display, and I’m forever burning a couple of these signature scent candles from The Dewberry around our home. Set out a fancy new robe from Weezie, and she is going to be one happy bather!
11. Some of my favorite places around Atlanta have created curated baskets that make your job very easy, like Lucy’s and Star Provisions. Most have an option to include flowers, basically killing two birds with one stone.
12. We do not have all the answers about where to procure your perfect Mother’s Day brunch, but a few options we support include: (Atlanta) Local Three, South City Kitchen, Doughnut Dollies; (Birmingham) Automatic Seafood, Daniel George; (Nashville) Biscuit Love, Pinewood Social, Adele’s; (Charleston) Chex Nouz, FIG.
13. And finally, consider taking her away (sans kids) once things improve. Without a crystal ball, it’s impossible to know when that may be possible. As you write out a thoughtful message about your endless love, appreciation and devotion to her, tuck a little momento from your favorite place together with it. A post card , coaster or book of matches from somewhere that means something to yall as a couple, with the promise to take her there soon.
Our favorite domestic retreats include Hotel Peter & Paul, Blackberry Farm, The Pearl, The Dewberry and Sea Island.

Ladies, am I right? What are you looking forward to this weekend, and what did I miss?


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