Movie Night: ‘Caddyshack’

Some choice quotes:

Carl Spackler (Bill Murray): He’s on his final hole. He’s about 455 yards away, he’s gonna hit about a 2 iron I think. 

Ty Webb (Chevy Chase): You’re rather attractive for a beautiful girl with a great body. 

Spalding Smails (Judge Smails’ Son): Ahoy polloi… where did you come from, a scotch ad? 

Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield): Hey Judge, you scratched my anchor! 

Keep the quotes coming…this movie is a goldmine.



  1. 08/27/2012 / 8:13 AM

    You must have been something before electricity!

    Murray is a part owner of the Charleston Riverdogs. Sometimes when he is in town he throws on the riverdog mascot costume and walks around the stands. Check it out next time you’re in Mt. Pleasant.

  2. Lou
    08/27/2012 / 9:18 AM

    Al Czervik: I hear this place is restricted, Wang, so don’t tell them you’re Jewish!

    Carl Spackler: This is a hybrid. This is a cross, ah, of Bluegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Featherbed Bent, and Northern California Sensemilia. The amazing stuff about this is, that you can play 36 holes on it in the afternoon, take it home and just get stoned to the bejeezus-belt that night on this stuff.

    Carl Spackler: A looper, you know, a caddy, a looper, a jock. So, I tell them I’m a pro jock, and who do you think they give me? The Dalai Lama, himself. Twelfth son of the Lama. The flowing robes, the grace, bald… striking. So, I’m on the first tee with him. I give him the driver. He hauls off and whacks one – big hitter, the Lama – long, into a ten-thousand foot crevasse, right at the base of this glacier. Do you know what the Lama says? Gunga galunga… gunga, gunga-lagunga. So we finish the eighteenth and he’s gonna stiff me. And I say, “Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know.” And he says, “Oh, uh, there won’t be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.” So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.

    Could go on all day…

  3. 08/27/2012 / 9:39 AM

    Love this movie with a passion. Al Czervik: “You’re a lot of woman, you know that? Yeah, wanna make 14 dollars the hard way?”

  4. 08/27/2012 / 10:27 AM

    Where to even start…

    Sandy: I want you to kill every gopher on the course!
    Carl Spackler: Check me if I’m wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers, they’re gonna lock me up and throw away the key…
    Sandy: Gophers, ya great git! The gophers! The little brown furry rodents!
    Carl: We can do that; we don’t even have to have a reason.

    Danny Noonan: I haven’t even told my father about the scholarship I didn’t get. I’m gonna end up working in a lumberyard the rest of my life.
    Ty Webb: What’s wrong with lumber? I own two lumberyards.
    Danny: I notice you don’t spend too much time there.
    Ty: I’m not quite sure where they are.

  5. Matt
    08/27/2012 / 1:42 PM

    Judge Smails: You know, you should play with Dr. Beeper and myself. I mean, he’s been club champion for three years running and I’m no slouch myself.
    Ty Webb: Don’t sell yourself short Judge, you’re a tremendous slouch.

  6. Matt
    08/27/2012 / 4:12 PM

    Ty Webb: A flute without holes, is not a flute. A donut without a hole, is a Danish. Thank you very little.

  7. Aron F
    09/04/2012 / 4:21 PM

    Ty Webb to Carl, “I have a pool and a pond; pond would be good for you”!

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