Top of the Heap – Ken from ‘Things is Cool’

Things is Cool became one of my favorite blogs as soon as I found it.  To me, it has the feel of late-60s and early-70s California.  It has a great feel…and Ken’s contribution to Top of the Heap lines right up:

This surfboard was hand-shaped by Malcolm Campbell in Oxnard, California.  Malcolm, along with his brother, Duncan, started Campbell Brothers Surfboards in 1970.  Their design, called the “Bonzer,” is unique in surfing history because it was the first to feature three fins, making it the archetype for the modern surfboard.  The brothers continue to refine and innovate, as seen in the “Octafish” model above, which has five fins.  (The center fin is not pictured.)

However, though it is an insanely good board, I chose this object primarily because it is a representation of many blessings.  Most importantly, it’s a reminder of the Campbell family, whom I love and admire and whose kindness and hospitality continually enrich so many aspects of my life.  I could not be more grateful for their friendship.  The board is also a vehicle (and a lightning fast one, at that) that allows me to interact with the ever-inspiring ocean.  Finally, I associate it with my existence here in Hawaii, a place that never stops knocking my proverbial socks off. – Ken Baldino, 2012


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