National Championship

So, tonight is the big game.  All the marbles.  Bama vs. UGA.

I don’t know what happened in the SEC Championship.  UGA hadn’t played like that all year.  And I don’t mean Bama – being that they were the toughest opponent all year, I mean that they were making a ton of mistakes, and looked really off.  The second half was extremely disappointing.  My guess is that Lanning was interviewing at Oklahoma and lost focus.  A lot of folks gave Stetson crap, but he’s not built to be the QB to go out and win a game.  He’s a game manager, and his success is dependent on everyone else doing their job.  Which they didn’t.

Bama is Bama.  Of course there is talent.  They have the greatest college football coach at the helm.  They are extremely disciplined out of fear of losing their lives.  And more than anything, Bama has the aura of being Bama.  It’s a HUGE mental hurdle for any team, especially those that came from the program (read: Kirby).

When I look at this matchup, I think it’s neck and neck.  I’d give Bama an edge at QB, and UGA an edge on defense.  I think UGA has the ability to lock Bama down, as much as Bama as the ability to break big plays and completely change momentum.  I expect Bama to come out and play hurry-up, as not to give UGA a chance to adjust on defense.  I expect UGA to play extremely aggressive on defense, and set a tone on offense with the OL.  4 yards and a cloud of dust.  Hit the TE for six yards.  A lot of that.

Here’s the difference.  I think UGA needs permission to beat Alabama.  At this point, it’s all mental for UGA.  They absolutely have the talent to win this game, but I think someone needs to tell that they have every right to win this game.  They’ve earned the right to be here, as has Bama, and they have every right to go out and beat them.

So go do it, Dawgs.

Official RCS Prediction:

UGA – 27
Bama – 23

Bring it.


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