Polo Rundown

Is it me, or has the polo market exploded over the last few years?  There are so many options now, it almost causes analysis paralysis.  Back in the day, it was either Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, or Izod.  Lacoste if you were lucky.  Today there are hundreds of brands offering largely the same thing.

As we reanalyze what we own and what we wear (MUCH more on this later), adding smart pieces to your wardrobe will not only be stylish but will last longer than some of the trends that have taken hold.  Note 1: I’m not a printed polo guy.  Note 2: I lean heavily towards tech polos that don’t look tech/shiny.  Note 3: I’m over logos.  I used to own a ton of polos with country club logos, and other than Masters or clubs where I’m a member, I’m giving it up (with a few notable exceptions).

Here is what I’m digging this Spring:

From Top Left:

1. Holderness & Bourne MacDonald Polo: Every guy should own a white polo – and to be more specific THIS white polo.  The fabric is a little thicker, has a nice pique hand, and fits like a dream.  The collar is somewhat structured so it holds up for 18 holes or under a sport coat.  It goes with everything.  No brainer.
2. Stitch Golf Damon Polo:  Stitch has done some great work over the last few years making a name for themselves in the polo/outerwear arena.  Their Damon polo is great – it has a nice texture and the color choices are unique.
3. TSG Roadie Polo:  The ‘do anything’ polo.  It’s cotton, so it’ll fade/age nicely.  Pair it with baggies or Stand Ups for a cool look at the lake, or tuck it in with 5-pockets and loafers for a more polished look.
4. Onward Reserve Loyalty Vintage Repp Stripe Polo:  This is a GREAT addition to the Onward Reserve lineup.  A very classic look, it has that old 90’s Ashworth feel in a good cotton blend.  The color choices are top shelf as well.
5. Holderness & Bourne Maxwell Polo:  The H&B Maxwell polo is about as good as it gets.  The fit is perfect, the weight is just right, and the color choices are plentiful.  This is a can’t miss polo.
6. TSG Topper Polo:  The dressier polo from TSG, this one is a great option for date night or the office.  The fit is just right, and the price point is very tolerable.
7. Sid Mashburn Oxford Pique Polo:  These polos from Sid have been all the rage since Keith Mitchell started wearing them on tour.  It’s a very classic, professional look that is a breath of fresh air.
8. Peter Millar Performance Mesh Polo:  Can’t leave out Peter Millar.  They’ve gone all-in on the printed polos, but there are still a few of these solids available.
9. Criquet Top Shelf Player’s Shirt:  My guys at Criquet are holding strong.  They have carved out a niche for themselves, and continue to innovate on their iconic Player’s Shirt.  Another do anything polo, with a cool attitude.

What did I miss?



  1. SMB
    05/06/2021 / 7:57 AM

    Quite a timely post with the Wells Fargo kicking off in CLT and we are headed to the course for round 2 tomorrow. I will be interested to see what polos are represented in the merchandise shop. Would LOVE to see Sid’s polo in the shop and grab one.

  2. Brad Wesley
    05/06/2021 / 8:08 AM

    You mentioned it, what’s with the polo under a sport coat trend? I can’t imagine a scenario this is acceptable other than winning the Masters or perhaps a nice dinner while at the beach. An equally bad trend is printed polos.

    • CCE
      05/06/2021 / 8:19 AM

      Agreed re: polo under sport coat. It appears lazy and is almost never well-executed. When I see a guy thing to pull off that I look I can’t help but think, “Maybe he forgot to pack a button-down shirt?”

      • CCE
        05/06/2021 / 8:20 AM

        *trying not “thing”

    • NEM
      05/06/2021 / 8:49 AM

      Just yesterday I attended a museum board meeting and threw on a sack blazer over a white Boast polo as I walked in. Others were in various states of dress from shorts to a lawyer in a suit. I felt perfectly fine with the look. As an aside, my company is headed back to the office mid-May and I am going in with a suit dammit…sick of this WFH dress code BS.

    • SFM
      05/06/2021 / 9:53 AM

      I like the look, but agree that context is a bit key. I don’t think I’d leave for the office like that unless i had a flight later and was wearing the sport coat as means of not packing it, with full intention of switching to shirts for conference. I imagine a lifestyle where I win the club championship by 11 am, and catch an afternoon board meeting immediately after, I’m a shade short of that day dream on just about every aspect of it 🙂

  3. Dan
    05/06/2021 / 8:18 AM

    What footwear do you pair with Criquet polos? I just got one but wasn’t sure. Can I pair with loafers or just stick with sneakers

    • Scotch
      05/06/2021 / 10:43 AM

      Love their polos. Anything from boots to loafers to flip flops works.

    • SMB
      05/16/2021 / 1:09 PM

      For the summer it is all about polos with shorts and boat shoes.

  4. Andrew
    05/06/2021 / 9:05 AM

    I have been big on Rhoback polos. The collar stays flat, good fit, and a lot of variety. However – they have been going big with the loud/”fun” prints recently of which I am NOT a fan. Give me solid, or a few stripes and I am set

    • SFM
      05/06/2021 / 9:50 AM

      Interesting. At $8, seems too good to be true, but I do love these kind of finds. I equate it to my preference for the red fleeced OCBD over the Brooks flagship, or J Crew Mercantile lambs wool sweaters over anything twice the cost.

      • abw
        05/07/2021 / 10:06 AM

        Ya, I wish I would have bought more honestly! They have a great feel for being not 100% cotton, wash and dry great too.

  5. Jimmy
    05/06/2021 / 9:37 AM

    A new player in the game is Harleston’s. I picked a couple and the collar is sturdy, great fit (similar to Peter Millar).

  6. Van
    05/06/2021 / 10:23 AM

    I’m all in on the Sid polo’s over the past year I’ve stocked up and they are my go to.

  7. Tanner
    05/06/2021 / 3:48 PM

    Criquet is my go to but also like some of the Southern Tide tech polos, especially for the beach or lake.

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