Pre-Season Golf Prep

Watching the pros play at Pebble Beach has really gotten my golf juices flowing.  We’ve had a relatively mild winter, so I’ve had the opportunity to play a few times.  Still – we aren’t in golf season yet, so it’s time to take stock, re-inventory my stuff, and make a plan so that I can operate at peak performance (when duffing chip shots and lipping three-putts).

Here’s what I’m thinking:


I’m getting new irons this year.  I was going to do it last year, but my back surgery in early February essentially put everything on hold.  [PSA: GET CHECKED!!!].  I’m going to use TrueSpec to get their guidance, but I’m going to have a hard time getting anything by the new Titleist T100 irons.  I’ve played Titleist since I upgraded my Black Cats, and haven’t looked back.

I also want to get a new driver.  This will be a mind-numbing, frustrating experience, which makes me think I just go buy a Titleist Tsi3 and call it a day.  The big move I’m planning is replacing my hybrid with a 5 or 7-wood.  I have finally reached the boiling point with the hybrid.  I have never felt confident standing over the ball, whether hitting off a tee or off a lilypad.  I hate that club.  I’m going to find fairway wood that I can carry ~220 (probably Titleist) and give it a prominent place in the bag.

I’m happy with my wedges (older Vokeys) and love my putter(s) – I have two older Scotty Camerons that I love.

I got a Bushnell Wingman for Christmas, which I’m really excited to break out this year.  A couple of guys at our club have them, and they are really slick.  I need to build out a few good golf course playlists.

Stitch has made some serious moves in the bag/storage arena.  I absolutely love the Birdie Bag and the shoe bag.  Their duffle bags are really great as well.  I love an innovative design that doesn’t look too Star Trek.  I’m looking to lean in on Stitch this year.

I pulled the trigger on a Titleist Linkmaster.  My guys over at Tees & Coins talked me into it.  It was an investment, but so far so good – totally worth it.  Next, I’m refreshing the headcovers.  I love my Jan Craigs, and will keep at least one – probably for my new fairway wood.  I’ve got something cooking with August Covers (wait ’till you see it…), and I found something VERY vintage for my 3-wood.  I also got a new putter cover.  I’ll do a reveal when it’s all ready to go.


From a clothing perspective, I need to do a purge.  I love tech shirts, but they get a little dingy, and I’d rather replace vs fix.  I also want to pare down on the logos.  I’ll proudly wear logos from my clubs, but I’m never wearing logos from local clubs where I’m not a member.  Moving forward, I’ll wear logo’ed gear from places I’ve played, but that’s it.

I have my eye on some of the new polo styles from Holderness & Bourne.  They are literally crushing it – they’ve revolutionized the polo.  ALL of their stuff is absolutely top-shelf.  I prefer their shirts with a little texture (pique tech or pique cotton blend), and I always make sure I have a few solids that are go-tos.  Oh yeah: we just put the finishing touches on the H&B x RCS Spring Capsule Collection…more to come.

I got asked what I think about hoodies, and I’m all in.  I love them.  I have Greyson Koko Cashmere hoodie coming, and I’m excited to use it over the next couple of months.  I don’t think I’d wear a tech hoodie on the course (they look like they are built for a skiff), but the wool/cashmere blends are really nice.

I’m pretty good with shorts.  I almost exclusively play in the Lululemon Commission 7″ shorts, as they are perfect.  I’m excited to see the new colorways for Spring.  I might add a couple more.

For pants, I usually stick with the Peter Millar Collection options (like these, but more cotton), and they fit is just right on me.  I like to have some cotton in my pants, as it gives them a more dressy look.  Not too tech.  One thing I’m picky about on my pants is the hem.  I think Keith Mitchell has the PERFECT length on his pants.  It’s almost a no-break, and with the no-show socks and the Footjoy Packards, it’s a REALLY sharp look.  I’ve adopted it as my own.

courtesy of ACL Golf & Mashburn

From a golf shoe perspective, I have a couple of pairs of Classics that I absolutely love, and will always search for additional vintage pairs.  Bill up at LaRossa is a magician with restoring these to better-than-new, so I’m always on the hunt.  Bill actually talked me into getting a pair of the all-white Packards last year, and I absolutely love them.  They are fantastic.  This year I’m breaking the mold and getting an athletic style.  Not because I’m going to walk (I LOVE carts), but because technology has come a long way in the last few years.  I pulled the trigger on a pair of the Lux Sports from True Linkswear.  The sizing on these is tricky – they are a half to full size smaller than Footjoy.  I’m a little anxious about the molded spikes, but I want to give them a try.

More to come on clothes.  The spring lines are about to hit the market, and I’ll do a few round-ups.


I need some help on a few things:

First – I want to find some sunglasses that I can use on the course.  I’m looking for something really lightweight (my Persols are too heavy), so what should I look at?  Goodr? Oakley Frogskins?

Windbreaker – I wouldn’t mind getting a windbreaker pullover or vest.  Peter Millar has some nice stuff, but I’m curious to hear what you folks like.  This would be for early mornings or if there is a chance of rain.  It has to be quiet…

Looking at a big golf year, folks.  Much more to come…

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  1. JAG
    02/07/2022 / 8:23 AM

    Goodr for the glasses. I was skeptical at first but got a pair for Christmas last year and since bought two more, one exclusively for the golf bag. Polarized, don’t move around on your head because they’re made for running and cost effective. I wouldn’t care if I lost them or they got damaged. They can also take a beating.

  2. CCE
    02/07/2022 / 8:56 AM

    Re: sunglasses- Huckberry has some great, lightweight frames similar to Goodr. They’re priced so that you could keep a pair in your bag and not worry about them. I keep a pair in my locker and another in my car.

    I picked up a pair of sneaker-like molded spikes last year, but now they stay in my locker unless conditions are very dry; just not enough traction/ grip IMO.

    Looking forward to the H&B collab!

    • PDB
      02/07/2022 / 10:58 AM

      Totally agree on the molded spikes. I very rarely use them except on the driest days. My Footjoy Traditions are fantastic though.

    • Jimmy
      02/07/2022 / 11:39 AM

      H&B outerwear is solid and I’m a big fan of the stuff from Zero Restriction. You can find a lot of their stuff that isn’t too techy. But all high quality.

  3. PJ
    02/07/2022 / 9:03 AM

    Pulled the trigger on the Linksmaster as well. I love it.

  4. SMB
    02/07/2022 / 9:07 AM

    What a timely post. I am comfortable with my golf clothing. In 2021 I bought a pair of Footjoy Classics and love them. I also bought a Holderness and Bourne windbreaker vest and can’t say enough good things about their stuff.

    I am plan to play a mix of golf tihs year. My eldest son is progressing through First Tee so I will be playing a bunch of Par 3 courses with him and then playing more traditional courses with my golf buddies. I do hope to play more gold this year; at least once a month.

    I have refreshed my woods, wedges and putter. I would love to get a great set of game improving irons. Does anyone have a suggestion there?

    • CCE
      02/07/2022 / 9:30 AM

      I’m an 18 handicap and love the Mizuno JPX irons. They’re easy to swing and pretty forgiving. Definitely a step in the right direction from an equipment perspective.

      • Fritz
        02/07/2022 / 11:16 AM

        Love the Mizuno JPX’s, been happy with mine as well.

    • MRS
      02/07/2022 / 10:17 AM

      I bought a set of Srizon ZX4s and love them. I am a 17 handicap (which has a lot to do with being out of position off the tee and not having the time to devote to practice with a few kids running around the house) and they suit me well. Only thing that I might have done differently is to have gone with a mixed set up – ZX5s for 7-P and ZX4 for 4-6.

  5. Cameron
    02/07/2022 / 9:09 AM

    How does H&B compare to Peter Millar? They seem to be very similar-I’m always happy with the PM stuff I have.

    Also, a golf course playlist post would be great! Always looking to add to my collection.

    • CCE
      02/07/2022 / 9:19 AM

      H&B shirts are sized similar to PM, maybe a little more tailored. H&B has actual shirt measurements on their website, so let that be your guide. The H&B collars are phenomenal – they are sturdy enough that they won’t collapse under the weight of a sport coat. As RCS mentioned, the pique tech from H&B is the way to go, as the shirts have a little more body to them (better at hiding a dad bod) and aren’t “shiny” like so many tech polos can be.

    • HL
      02/09/2022 / 9:47 AM

      I am more of an athletic build/broader shoulders. I wear a medium in Peter Millar and it fits great, I am a larger in HB but honestly am not happy with the cut of them so I steer clear of them. The slim fit/cut doesn’t work well for people who are active IMO

  6. Kyle
    02/07/2022 / 9:25 AM

    Check out Maui Jim’s AKAU model. They’re a rimless shade with surprisingly great durability. I’ve had mine for 3+ years. They’re extremely lightweight, easy to transfer from face to cap, and the lenses have good eye coverage so you’re able to keep your eye on the ball without noticing the lenses disappear/reappear in your swing.

  7. Ted
    02/07/2022 / 9:29 AM

    I started wearing frog skins on and off for about 10 years (likely because you had posted about them with a visor which is a great look). Last year I pulled the trigger on Goodr shades and I have been very impressed. The frame is a little bit smaller than Frogskins which I like, the lens protection is actually great for $25. They don’t slip off your nose and are incredibly lightweight. I have found myself reaching for these instead of my Costas recently. Highly recommend.

  8. CRW
    02/07/2022 / 9:39 AM

    As someone who has lost multiple sunglasses on the golf course I stick with Goodr now.

  9. ABW
    02/07/2022 / 10:28 AM

    I highly recommend Maui Jim. I have The hoopkika (sp?) and while they’re not just the coolest looking sunglasses ever, I could wear them for 12 hours straight and not even tell they’re on. My dad loves them now too and got 2 pairs. Made in Japan, awesome.

  10. PDB
    02/07/2022 / 10:57 AM

    It’s still cold as can be in the Northeast but my attention has started to turn to golf season as well. I haven’t been out since around Thanksgiving though I’ve gone to the indoor simulator a few times and the missus got me a perfect putting mat for Christmas which is getting daily use.

    In terms of sunglasses, I keep a pair of old Warby Parker’s in the bag. They’re in fine shape but it wouldn’t be heartbreaking if I lost them.

    I also ditched my hybrid. Like you I could never hit it. But I went the opposite direction. I picked up a used Callaway 3I on eBay last season and really hit it well. I even use it on the tees on holes where I want to make sure I hit the fairway.

  11. Evan
    02/07/2022 / 1:43 PM

    You can’t go wrong with the Patagonia Houdini jacket! Great for wind/rain; I wore it exclusively in Bandon this past November with a vest on top. Very lightweight and packs into itself so great to keep in the bag!

    • NEM
      02/08/2022 / 8:02 AM

      I second that recommendation for the Rokas. Got a pair of the Oslo when Huckberry had a sale, nice lightweight frames. PC lenses with a slight bronze mirror coating, so far haven’t scratched. Comfortable, and the nearly straight temples allow them to ride on top of the head when indoors.

  12. GEM
    02/08/2022 / 9:39 AM

    Couple things

    – for the club fitting I also recommend researching shafts as they are key to the process. I got really into golf during the pandemic and lowered the handicap from a 18-20 down to a 7. That’s really where you’re game will jump up

    Outwear – it costs some coin, but zero Restriction makes some killer stuff. I like the Rho Back look, but they run a little short for me

    Sunglasses – which ever route you go, get a light amber or blue lens at it helps read the green. I go with the Blue Oakley Holbrooks as they give me a the preppy look I like but really help the game

    Lastly on the Bushnell Speaker – they’re amazing. Spend the extra few bucks and get a Bovke hard case on Amazon to clip
    To your bag.

  13. SMB
    02/21/2022 / 10:50 AM

    Coming back to this post as I finally get to play golf this weekend. In regards to the speaker/play list comment I can not sand when people play music on the course. Call me old school but it drives me crazy.

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