January Recap

So January is over.  Thank the Lord.  Honestly, it felt like a ninety-day long month.  While it seemed like everyone we knew was either sick or recovering.  Mrs. RCS and I started January strong.  After a couple of days of school, our boys came home with runny noses and coughs…and to no one’s surprise, we both caught it.  The boys gleefully recovered in a couple of days (of course), but I feel like I’ve been mainlining Mucenix for the last few weeks.  We’re finally starting to dry out and are on the up and up.

We didn’t sit around all month…we did get out and do a few things.  I booked a fly fishing trip on the Soque with Blackhawk at the beginning of the month and had a BLAST.  I fished with Gabby, and it was an extremely productive trip.  Lots of big browns…  So much so that I booked another trip and brought Mrs. RCS with me.  We got Gabby again (she and Mrs. RCS are now best friends), and we had a blast.  It was a little colder than our first trip, but hooked into plenty and had a great day together last Sunday.

I was able to clean out and organize all of my hunting and fishing gear down in the basement.  Man, that is a job.  It’s amazing how that stuff piles up.  I have a couple of boxes of stuff I am going to get rid of.  I’ll either open a seller’s account on Camoretro or do an RCS Flea (or both). It’s nice to organize and pare down.  I’m finding that there are some core pieces of gear that I use, and otherwise there’s a lot of noise.

The National Championship was great to watch.  As a lifelong Georgia fan, it was great to see the Dawgs get the win.  Stetson Bennett just solidified himself as an absolute legend even if he never takes another snap.  Good for him.  Honestly, I think it’s good for college football to see someone other than Bama win the Natty.  But don’t count out the Tide for next year…they are loaded.  Oh – and so are the Dawgs.

Mrs. RCS and I got back to work after a nice break in December.  My office is still closed, so I was home 100% of the time.  To be honest: these short days and cold temperatures really wear on me.  I felt drained for a lot of the month.  I’m ready to see the sun earlier than seven in the morning and later than six at night.  Work is crazy busy, so that makes the days go by fast.  A lot of the projects I’m working on are really interesting, and we’re seeing good progress.

We also made a serious effort to dry out over January and being sick helped.  However, I’ll take bourbon on the rocks or a Manhattan any day over cold medicine.  We also tried ‘no buy January’ and did a pretty good job of resisting all the after-season sales.  We loaded up for the boys, but that’s to be expected.

The blog is doing well.  I’m lining up quite a bit of good content for the Spring and Summer – I think you are all going to really enjoy it.  There are a couple of collaborations coming that should be a lot of fun as well.

Anyway – I have this feeling of excitement for what’s coming in February, and eventually the Spring.  Mrs. RCS’ birthday is this weekend, so that’ll be fun, and then Valentine’s Day in a couple of weeks.  I’ve got a quail hunt on the calendar, and if the temperatures move up the bass should start moving.  I’ve got a few yard projects that I’m going to employ the boys to help, so while that’ll be slow and dirty, it will be fun.  And dirty.

How’s everyone else doing?  Everyone else hibernating like we are here at the Fort?



  1. ARB
    02/01/2022 / 9:10 AM

    Thank you for this. I feel like I did nothing for the past month. COVID during the first week or so. Then just trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel which is warmer weather on the horizon. God bless.

  2. 02/01/2022 / 9:21 AM

    I kind of love January. Cold. Dreary. Hunkered down after Christmas. Back to routines. Always a fun annual party at the end of the month here in CHS. Looking forward to more great content.

  3. Brian Robinson
    02/01/2022 / 9:29 AM

    No sickness, PTL. Our kids are long out of the house which helps!

    We moved…that made January fly. Probably not a recommendation for making time pass….

    Unboxed and home completely set up in 3 weeks.. Culling a bunch of junk prior to the move helped streamline things.

    Gear game is strong and growing weekly. Lots of good things on the horizon here on prairie.



  4. Greg
    02/01/2022 / 10:53 AM

    Nice brown! We’re all frozen up here in the North.

  5. Patrick
    02/01/2022 / 11:12 AM

    Great update! Feel the same January blues, but glad we’re now in February.. XC skiing up here in Michigan and warm bourbon got me through the coldest month. Ice fishing (first time!) is on the docket for this weekend with some friends. Looking forward to Spring, and travels to warmer climes. Keep up the posts!

  6. AJS
    02/01/2022 / 12:19 PM

    My wife is ~18 weeks pregnant so we have used this winter lull to begin prepping the nursey and completing various other home projects (home bar, built-in breakfast nook, etc.).

    We’ve booked a spring babymoon, and some other long weekend getaways to visit with friends we haven’t seen in a couple years. A lot of change forthcoming but looking forward to it all.

    Keep the good stuff coming, RCS.

    • CCE
      02/01/2022 / 11:01 PM

      If you haven’t already, search the RCS blog; he has some great advice and gear for dads. Congratulations; dad life is the best life.

  7. abw
    02/01/2022 / 1:00 PM

    Had a good end to 2021 which makes for a positive outlook for 2022. COVID went around my family to around New Years, somehow got everyone pretty much except my wife. Thankfully, we were all pretty much ok. I really love the winter, but I can tell in the next coming month, i’ll start looking at clothes/gear for spring. It always seems that summer has a hard time letting fall come in, and winter has a hard time letting spring come in.

  8. CCE
    02/01/2022 / 10:58 PM

    January started out finding out we’re expecting our second child and ended with everyone in our house getting Covid. All in all, January eeked into the “win” column for us. January is when I take time to think about the whirlwind that was Thanksgiving through Christmas. January is when I can relax, not worry about having any business travel, and generally allows me to play some catch-up with family and friends. Lots of wood-splitting, fire-building, and planning summer vacation. February is when the seasonal depression starts to hit me: no football, no golf, no baseball and it’s still pretty damn cold. Looking forward to the RCS/ H&B collab!

  9. BTJ
    02/02/2022 / 11:16 AM

    Great start to the year for me minus the Dawgs first National Championship in most peoples lifetime. I told my son that at least he won’t have to witness this for another 42 years. He was happy about that of course he is only 10 months old so he is happy about everything except having his clothes changed.

    I told him he made the right choice being an Auburn fan. The past 42 years have brought on 3 undefeated seasons plus NC. Played in another against FSU. Best team in the country two other times in that same span. Plus number 1 in basketball. Pretty cool.

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