RCS 2013 Gift Guide Version One: Dear Mr. Fantasy

It’s that time of year again.  I know you have all been waiting with bated breath…so here we go.  We’ve got a few gift guides for our readers, and hopefully they will help in finding that gift that’s just perfect…or good enough to get a thank-you note…or maybe you should slip them the gift receipt.  Whatever.

Anyway, we’ll start it off with “Dear Mr. Fantasy”…gifts that may be on the luxury side of things, but there are some that have high dollar taste, and won’t accept a fruitcake.  Here we go:

From top left…

1. Fabbri Shotgun:  Fine Italian craftsmanship and gunpowder.  Never have their been a finer combination.  Probably won’t do a lot of ice-busting, but it will be fun to shoot.  Get junior to clean it.
2. Barbour Steve McQueen Rexton Jacket:  A pre-curser to #10…baby you were born to ride.
3. Goyard Wallet:  Rule of thumb: You should carry more cash than the value of the wallet that’s carrying it.
4. Rolex Explorer I Watch:  No frills.  Plus, that pederast Hanrahan got the same IWC you’ve been wearing for years.
5. D. R. Harris Shaving Set:  As long as it works with those Mach 3 razors.
6. Alexander McQueen Knotted Skull Keyring:  Because all the kids are doing that skull thing.  Who knows, but maybe it’ll send the valet a message.
7. Kiton Sportcoat:  For hanging by the door…you know, for trips to the mailbox or walking the dog at 6AM.  No one said you couldn’t wear this over your Snuggie.
8. Gucci Horsebit Python Loafers:  You’ve got them in every other color, but a jaunt into exotics is just what the doctor ordered.  Pair these with a pair of jeans and that Kiton in #7 and you’ll be cookin’ with gas.
9. Tom Ford Marko Aviators:  The same shades that Bond guy wears.  Don’t forget the floating croakies for when you are driving the boat this Spring…if they make it that long.
10. Vintage Triumph Motorcycle:  This one may take some doing, but you’ve had that extra space in the garage that is burning a hole in your concrete.  Why not take this bad boy out for a spin around the cul-de-sac?
11. Frank Clegg Alligator English Briefcase:  A work of art, with just enough space for your computer, your iPad, the WSJ, and the NYT (ONLY for the crossword puzzle).
12. Alfred Dunhill Bourdon Backgammon Set:  The game of kings…something to do with your buddies since all the bowl games should be as boring as ever.



  1. Drew
    12/04/2013 / 11:11 AM

    Nice F. Letch reference on No. 4!

  2. RCN
    12/04/2013 / 9:36 PM

    One of each would be lovely!

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