Sid Mashburn : Fall / Winter 2013

Fall is here…the temperature is dropping and the hues are darkening.  As the leaves turn and fall, it means that new options are available at some of our favorite haberdasheries.

Sid & Ann Mashburn get a lot of love on Red Clay Soul, and deservedly so.  They have some of the finest options for stylish men and women, and never disappoint.  Every season it’s like Christmas morning…seeing what’s new…seeing what should be added to the list…seeing how they are going to continue to have influence in the style world.  Here’s the thing – while Ann & Sid and their staff are some of the most stylish folks out there, they rely on classic pieces and traditional themes.  Their slight twist keeps it between the lines, but absolutely works.

Take these “Ole Miss Red” wool trousers:

Every man has accepted that the color spectrum for pants expands way beyond khaki and navy, and these are a perfect example.  These cuffed with a crisp white shirt and a blue blazer will look sharp as a tack.

Looking around the store…the short Russell pull-ons are the ultimate weekend shoe.  Put your mocs towards the back of your closet and wear these all winter long:

Jackets…jackets…jackets…  Gun-check plaid is coming back with a fury.  The best bet is to choose something that has a natural hue, and pair it with a bright tie.

Or if you really want to up your game…no description needed.  Kiton is as good as it gets.

Since we have entered sock season, do your toes a favor and introduce them to cashmere.  “Comfort” is the first sense that comes to mind, but “cold” will never be an issue.  Be bold with your socks.

Those that need to notice, will…

No trip to Sid’s is complete without visiting Ann’s next door.  My better half loves Ann’s, which makes our stops an entire afternoon adventure.

Textures seem to be the thing at Ann’s this year.  The wool wrap and the fur create a great pallete when fighting the elements.

And shoes…we spend quite a bit of time here.

So while this is a small sample of all the cold-weather offerings from the Mashburns, there is quite a bit more online as well as in the stores.


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  1. Jeff
    12/05/2013 / 4:30 PM

    Those Russel pull-on mock boots are pure butter. I may have to submit a last minute edit to my Christmas list.

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