RCS Gift Guide #3: New York City

Won the Powerball lately?  Looking for something for the guy that has everything, that can afford anything?  Well, here is a list of over-the-top ideas that don’t work on a budget.  We’re going with the New York state of mind on this one: the type of gifts that get their own show on Bravo.  Buckle up, folks:

From top Left:

1. Rolex Yacht Master II:  It’s been scientifically proven that a Yacht Master tells better time than any other watch when on your own yacht.  Assuming you even care to know what time it is.
2. Vacation Home in Harbour Island:  Need a spot to park said yacht?  Harbour Island is our spot, and since the hotel room prices are going up, why not get your own place?  Side note: remember that bonefish I caught?  It’s in this house’s front yard…
3. Michter’s 25-year Single Barrel Bourbon:  Something to sip on?  I hear this stuff is good?
4. Rothko No. 17:  Every once in a while a Rothko will go on sale.  For that guy who has a bare wall, and wants to hang up a ‘Bash Brothers’ poster.  Steer him in the right direction.
5. Kiton Plaid Cashmere Sport Coat:  For when he lunches.  At the type of place that requires a jacket in the dining room, or generally smells like money.
6. Ostrich Belgian Shoes:  For the guy who knows what Belgian Shoes really are…sure he has some standards, and probably a pair of velvets for his tux.  These ostrich options will be all the rage in the ‘sans socks’ set.
7. Winston Bamboo Fly Rod:  There is no better feeling that catching a fish on a classic bamboo rod.  Now he just needs to learn how to fish…
8. “After Taxes” Money Clip from Cartier:  I know, cash burns a hole in my pocket as well.  This is a subtle reminder to him to keep his affairs in order before buying a stack of scratch-offs.
9. PXG Irons:  100% of bad shots are equipment related.  Why buy off the rack, when you can get fitted with custom clubs?
10. Colonel Littleton No. 1 Grip in American Alligator:  This is the type of bag that will immediately upgrade to first class on his Wheels Up flight.
11. Purdey O/U 28GA Game Gun:  He got invited on a quail hunt and had to rent a gun.  Complete nightmare.  Never again.
12. Patagonia Recycled Cashmere 1/4 Zip:  The kids love those Patagonia vests, but he wants to leave those young bucks in the dust.  Patagonia + Cashmere = better than you.
13. Russell Moccasin Alligator Zephyr Boots: The best boots in America with a little touch of gator…perfect for the guy who isn’t going to kick around a lot of mud.
14. Chevy Silverado ‘Big 10’ Pickup Truck:  Rather than restoring an older truck, why not buy a brand new truck with a vintage paint theme?  All the creature comforts, and he’ll still look tough.
15. Wolverine Shell Cordovan 1000 Mile Boots:  Looking to add a hipster element?  For the guy who went to one Foo Fighters concert and stood next to a guy smoking weed.

Anything else?

P L E A S E   S U P P O R T   O U R   P A R T N E R S :


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  1. PS
    12/04/2018 / 2:04 PM

    14 is great. I hadn’t seen those before, and now I have to price out having my ‘07 repainted.

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