RCS Gift Guide #5: Another Brick In The Wall

It’s all we are, folks.  Deep down we are all workers.  Procrastination is the main ingredient in the recipe for laziness, which ultimately comes to an end and makes people ‘good under pressure’.  We’re all guilty to some extent.  There is a great argument for being prepared for the elements.  While I’m not advocating for the a-la hipster workwear guy who wears skinny jeans, giant work boots, a beanie and ironic eyeglasses in the heat of Summer, I am a huge fan of well built gear that take a licking a keep on ticking.

Every man is a working man.  Here are some great gift ideas that will help him get the job done:

From Top Left:

1. Hestra Goat Leather Work Gloves: After years and years of trying, there is no need to spend a fortune on work gloves.  Don’t get the cheapest, but options like these Hestras are a perfect option.  Replace every other year, or when needed.
2. L.C. King Duck Cloth Chore Coat:  I’ve had one of these for a few years, and really like it.  It’s a hybrid jacket: half jean jacket and half work coat.  The pockets are just right, and the duck cloth will only get better with age.
3. Revelry Flannel from The Sporting Gent:  I like flannel shirts.  I love solid flannel shirts.  They are the dressier version of these iconic shirts, and are much easier dressed up, and still works dressed down.
4. Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Watch:  The go-to field watch at the best price point you’ll find.
5. Head Guide Hoodie from Duck Camp:  Your search for a usable hoodie is over.  Duck Camp’s Head Guide Hoodies have all the right stuff – chest pockets, zip, a better fit, and a fabric that is great for anything outdoors.  Offered in this solid brown, as well as a couple camo options.  Yep.
6. Chup Hankster Boot Socks:  Don’t think too hard on boot socks.  Have fun.
7. Ball and Buck Leather Belt:  A good, thick leather belt is a must have for any man’s wardrobe.  The point is to beat the living sh!t out of it.
8. Edgevale Cast Iron 2.0 Pants:  I’ve been wearing Edgevale pants for years, and can personally vouch for them.  They are seriously some of the toughest and coolest pants on the market.  Don’t be turned off by the price point, these are built like a tank, and can stand up to anything.  Field work, chasing kids, chopping wood, camping, fishing, lounging…AND they are washable.  Just don’t dry them.  Boom.
9. Stanley Thermos:  My mom used to bring a thermos of coffee to school every morning.  She taught 2nd grade for 32 years, and maybe went through three thermoses.  Bottom line: they work.  This is a great gift for a guy who spends morning on the water, in the duck blind, out in the field, or in the workshop.
10. The James Brand Benton Pen:  Notes, lists, notes, lists, notes.
11. Colonel Littleton Embossed Pocket Journal:  Write those notes down on something that you can carry with you.  I’m a huge list guy, and am always adding, updating, doodling, etc.  Call me old school, but I do well with a list on a piece of paper.
12. Oak Street Bootmakers Natural Dianite Trench Boots:  Heavy duty boots for a heavy duty guy.
13. Duck Head Overland Quilted Vest:  Why are vests the best layer in the world?  Because they are…this overland quilted option from Duck Head is a really cool vest that works under a coat for extra warmth or on it’s own for the #midtownuniform look.  Big fan of the Cider color.
14. Stihl Chainsaw:  Hardcore hardware.  We all need a friend with a chainsaw.  Be that guy.


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