RCS Gift Guide #5: Under $100

Got someone that’s hard to buy for?  A business colleague who you need to impress?  A White Elephant exchange?  Finding those gifts that are under $100 can be a challenge.  However, the price tag doesn’t necessarily impact the sentiment.  Here are a few options on the lower end of the price spectrum that almost anyone is sure to enjoy:

From top left:

1. Go Pro Zeus Clip Light:  I’ve been using one of these for a couple of months, and don’t know what I did without it.  Whether early morning fishing, late-night garage cleaning, or watching the kids enjoy the clip, it’s a nice utility.
2. Tom Beckbe Waxed Hat:  To some, the price of a good waxed hat is a bit intimidating…what a great time to lid someone up with one that will only get better with age…
3. Poncho Cimarron Camo Flannel Shirt:  I’m 100% on board with the Poncho flannel shirts.  The slim fit option and the longer sleeves are just what the doctor ordered.  And camo??  Trust me when I say that these will become a major part of the rotation.
4. ‘The Dude Diet’:  So Mrs. RCS is a huge Serena fan, and we’ve been on board with the Dude Diet for a few years.  Guys: it’s really great…healthy options that are actually filling.
5. Candle from The Dewberry:  By far the best candle out there.  Not too heavy on the scent, and a good size.  We buy a couple a year and enjoy them throughout our house.
6. Colonel Littleton Brass Luggage Tags:  A great option for a colleague at work.  Classy and personalized…a great way to make a positive impression.
7. Filson Large Dry Bag:  The gift for any outdoorsman.  They probably don’t have one of these waterproof bags and don’t realize what they are missing until they do.
8. 12″ Lodge Iron Skillet:  An absolute must.  These just make food taste better.
9. Golf Balls:  I HATE buying golf balls.  But I LOVE getting them as gifts.
10: DOF Glasses from J. Earl & Sons:  Some of the coolest DOF glasses out there…if you can find them in stock!  There’s always room in a collection for a couple more…especially ones that are this cool.
11. Merrell Alpine Sneakers:  A bit of a stretch here, but your brother or dad would nod in approval during the unboxing.  I’m saving my Christmas money for these.
12. Orvis Game Shears:  Another option for the outdoorsman.  A bird hunter or trout fisherman can put these to work.
13. Pantherella Cashmere Socks:  The ultimate in luxury for your feet.  If you’ve never tried a pair of these, then do yourself a favor and buy a pair for yourself.  Best money you’ll spend all year.
14. Stitch Golf Shoe Bag:  Please for the love of everything Holy…dump that shoe bag with corporate logos and enjoy this upgrade from Santa.  Play like a champion.



  1. Trip
    12/15/2020 / 10:59 AM

    You can save even more money by ordering those shears elsewhere (just without the Orvis logo) https://www.katom.com/037-45903.html

    Having a pair, they’re great and heavy duty (I used them to easily spatchcock a turkey this year). I would save the downside is that they expand very far, so if you have smaller hands, they can be a little unwieldy.

  2. JDV
    12/15/2020 / 11:31 PM

    Great list. But number 2 is a cap, not a hat. Terms mean something.

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