RCS Review: Away Luggage Carry On

I’ve been in the market for a hard shell carry on for quite some time.  Mrs. RCS and I do quite a few one or two night trips a year, and we’ve gotten pretty good at getting what we need into a carry on each.

We fight over the Carry On from Away Travel.  We’ve been in the market for hard shell suitcases for some time, and these completely fit the bill (without having to pay much more than two bills).

Here’s what I like: the bag is light.  I mean REALLY light.  It only weighs seven pounds, which is quite a bit lighter than my Filson or some of our previous carry on bags.  The shell is a polycarbonate, which is very sturdy, but also has a little give.  It stands up to the bumps and bruises of the airport, as well as fighting through Ubers and Hiltons.  It’s scratch resistant, which I can confirm after a few trips…

This is a very comfortable suitcase when traveling.  The handles are very ergonomic, and the the functions are smooth.  Whether it be the zippers or the extending handle…it’s just easy.

The internal setup is very friendly.  The clam shell design is good for organization.  I do clothes on one side, shoes and dopp kit on the other, and hanging clothes wrapped in a dry cleaning bag in the middle (this keeps them from wrinkling).

Here’s what’s cool: there is a charger installed in the suitcase.  Your iPhone will never be the same.  All that is required is charging the bag the night before leaving.

The 360 degree wheels are as smooth as silk.  It’s hard to imagine going back to a two wheeled option…

You will not beat this suitcase for the price.  Away Travel cuts out the middle man keeping their cost low, as well as adding in some excellent features that anyone from the minimal traveler to the globetrotter will appreciate.  At this point, I’m already eying the Medium suitcase for week long trips, and Mrs. RCS wants the Bigger Carry On…just in case.  Since any option they have is less than $300, I’m sure we’ll end up with the Large as well.  We just need to find a trip to give us a reason to purchase…and that’s the fun part.



  1. Brad
    11/14/2016 / 4:54 PM

    I recall how getting my first (properly sized) travelpro carry-on changed the way I walked through an airport and boarded a plane– going from a thing of dread to a smooth operation, but man was it ugly. Filson still gets the nod when I take the truck for that reason.

    Luggage is a popular Christmas gift in my family. This looks nice and would be an upgrade for the SO. Out of curiosity, I’m wondering what this beat out/replaced?

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