Rock and Roll


How about some good ‘ole rock and roll. One of my favorite bands playing one of my favorite songs from back in ’95. Timeless.



  1. Wheels
    06/30/2020 / 12:32 PM

    Never been my jam as I always thought the lead singer tried to hard to be cool.

    But what do I know, my favorite band is Rush, arguably the most uncool band in rock.

  2. PDB
    07/01/2020 / 7:46 AM

    So, I have a Black Crowes story…

    Spring of my freshman year, the band played my school. My buddies and I pre-gamed and then attended the show (which frankly was just okay). Afterwards, I had to run back to my dorm for something before going back out. As I was leaving the dorm, I saw that the Crowes tour bus had pulled into an alley between my dorm and the venue they had just played.

    Being full of courage (the liquid form), I walked over to check it out only to find Chris Robinson just hanging out, leaning against the bus. I walked over and full of said courage told him that the show “f—–g ruled.” He laughed and then asked if I would pinkie swear to that point, which I clearly did.

    Now, thinking I was totally in, I said, “Hey Chris….think I could get on the bus and hang for a bit?”

    “No dude. We’re good.”

    “Yeah. Well, thanks anyway.”

    And on my way I went to yet another forgettable college party. If only I had gotten on that bus even for a little while. Anyway, enjoyable band. Thanks for sharing.


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