SEWE Recap, Part One (Gaillard Center)

As most of you Instagram followers saw, Mrs. RCS and I made the trek out to Charleston for SEWE again this year.  It is one of my favorite events of the year, and we plan on making it an annual thing.  First off, Charleston is like a second home to us.  We love it there…the vibe, the people, the food, and the style.  All good.

We saw a lot.  We ate a lot.  We stayed in an amazing hotel.  I’m going to have to break up the posts to get it all in.  First, we are going to talk about the highlights at the Gaillard Center, which is where they have the Market.  Great brands set up shop and sell their goods…it’s really great to meet the people behind these brands, and to leave with something to remember the trip.

First off: Russell Moccasin.  The best boots made.  I have a few pairs, and I have a few more on order.  I absolutely love them, and can’t recommend them enough.  Not to mention that Sue is one of the nicest people on the planet.

Next on my list: these Cavaliers in ‘Real Maple Boomer Leather’.  They have a shine to them – almost like a dress shoe.  These are almost like a dress upland boot…just my speed:

These pressed copper items are incredible.  Check out that turkey…

There are book sellers that have collections that are drool worthy.  There was a complete ‘Shooting Pictures’ portfolio by A.B. Frost.  Insanely nice.  I was extremely tempted by this one:

The best cheese and cracker plate in the state…

Finally got to hang with Marc from The Sporting Gent.  Such a cool guy, and KP and the rest of the crew are awesome.  They’ve got a good thing going in Charlotte.  More to come from these fine folks.

Hand carved decoys…and yes, that is a turkey:

His hat:

Another highlight is the bar from Tom Beckbe.  Goodness gracious.  By far the nicest one I’ve ever seen.  More to come on this bad boy:

And the drool-worthy Westley Richards booth…eesh…

Hand drawn maps…a big highlight.

The Duck Map is hot off the press…how cool is this?  Prints should be ready in a week or so.  I’ll give you the details as soon as I have them.

I also pulled the trigger on a fixed blade knife from a wonderful gentleman from Cleveland, GA.  More to come on this…

Much more to come…

P L E A S E    S U P P O R T    O U R    P A R T N E R S :



  1. Nem
    02/22/2019 / 8:24 AM

    Good coverage of a great event!

  2. Scott
    02/22/2019 / 7:57 PM

    Where did you stay?

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