Team No Break – Dockers Style from Down South

The older I get, the more conscious I am about the fit of clothes. A good tailor is as important as the quality of the merchandise. When dealing with pants, the break is a very personal preference – where the wrong choice can hurt, but the right choice makes a highly positive impact.
The most common is a medium break, where the pants hit between the bottom of your foot and the top of your shoe. Safe choice. A long break is reserved for those over six feet tall – where the hem is even with the bottom of your foot. A short break (or NO break) is where the hem hits the top of your shoes. NO break is gaining popularity because of two reasons: first – wearing no socks is something to brag about, and second – it makes you look taller (I’m sure there are more reasons). I’m a medium-to-NO-break supporter.

We live in a business-casual world. The joke was ‘well, that’s easy, some Dockers and a polo’, which is acceptable, but come on…
Dockers has figured it out – over the past couple of years, they have brought the world of khakis and ‘business casual’ into a stylish option that is more widely accepted by more than just the Mon-Fri 9-5 crew.
There are multiple varieties of Dockers, with multiple fits. The best part are the variations of colors. I’m seeing more of a variation from simple khaki, navy, and olive. I’m seeing more greens (Kelly and Army), blues (sky and Air Force), reds (Garnet and faded), and grays – which is a good thing. Dockers has a great variety of colors in all of their styles.
Here are my 5-pocket twills in Khaki. I have the ‘classic fit’ (D3) – which is perfect to wear with boots; roomy, but not baggy. These are easily dressed up or down – and don’t need to be pressed. Wear them like jeans.

Belt courtesy of Volunteer Traditions

This girl approves.

These are some of my favorite: the D1 Slim Fits in Deep Garnet. The fit is more ‘trim’ than slim. I don’t think you can find this color anymore – maybe this Fall.

Sans Socks

Dockers has been promoting their new ‘Lived & Worn’ pants, which I decided to give a try. I got the ‘British Khaki’ color in the ‘straight fit’ (D2). They have a great texture – it’s not as heavy as canvas, but thicker than the 5-pocket twills. The edges are frayed, but it doesn’t look intentional. They truly do look like they’ve been in the rotation for years.

This boy’s on board.

I’d recommend any of the Dockers flavors – they are a great value for the price. Make sure you try them on before you buy – the fits are distinctive and does affect the measurements.
Special thanks to A Headlong Dive and The Momentum for rounding up the boys. Be sure to see their Team-NO-Break / Dockers posts, as well as the rest of the NO-break crew:
Images courtesy of Mrs. Red Clay Soul. She’s amazing.


  1. casey
    02/22/2011 / 1:32 PM

    I'd bet my bottom dollar that you would love Mountain Khakis if you checked them out. I have been using the code CYCLEMK to get 25% off.

    Question- in the picture next to the yellow lab, what kind of watch is that, and what kind of boots? They look like Georgia Boots but are in a color I havent seen before. The watch is pretty awesome too…

  2. Main Line Sportsman
    02/22/2011 / 4:03 PM

    Love the shotshell belt….

  3. j.mosby
    02/22/2011 / 4:44 PM

    Dockers are the worst fitting trousers made, pure crap! I like the Bill's Khakis or the Ralph Lauren plain front khakis! Tan jeans I recommend the Filson brand, just outstanding material and fit!

  4. sweethomeamy
    02/22/2011 / 5:38 PM

    Business casual is definitely the new norm. I love those khakis.

  5. JRS
    02/22/2011 / 11:06 PM

    @casey – I love Mountain Khakis – I have a few pair of the Teton Twills and a pair of the Originals. Great stuff. The boots are Red Wing 1155s (; best I've ever owned. The watch is a Seiko Pilots watch that I've had for a long time (model 7T34 6AIL T).

    @Main Line – thanks – it's the second one I've had…I may mix it up with a lab head or a crawfish.

    @j.mosby – I'll have to try the Filsons

    @sweethomeamy – Thanks!

  6. Adam
    02/23/2011 / 1:40 AM

    Where'd you get the (burgundy and yellow) NATO strap? I don't see it on Smart Turnout's website.

  7. Anonymous
    02/24/2011 / 1:53 AM

    I agree with you.

    Dockers are certainly not the best pants in the world, but they are durable and a good value for the money. I often see them on sale.

    The color variety is interesting. Last spring I purchased a handsome, v-neck, sleeveless pullover Ralph Lauren sweater.

    For the holiday, there was another great Ralph Lauren sleeveless, v-neck, pullover offering.

    Both the spring and holiday sweaters are a beautiful Fair Isle knit with many subtle colors.

    I found several pair of Dockers in great colors that look just right with the Fair Isle sweaters.

    I was not looking for a bargain pant. The sweaters were 165.00 each. I bought the Dockers for their color, and after wearing and washing, I will not hesitate to buy Dockers in the future.

    I have many Polo khakis. I've never heard of Mountain Khakis, but I'll check them out. I think Bill's khakis are good quality, and overpriced. They're so full-cut that they look like they were made by Omar the Tentmaker.

    Another advantage of the Dockers in addition to the subtle color selections is that they come in a variety of cuts.

    Months ago, I would never have imagined myself writing a comment like this, but the proof is in the wearing.

    Have any Red Clay readers tried Bonabos? I've heard they are also a good pant, but I've never seen them anywhere.

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