The 2023 Toyota Sequoia

I guess I’m a Toyota guy now that I have Bertha.  I’m OK with that.  Here at the Fort, we’ve been toying around with the idea of what to get next as a family car.  We currently have a Q7 and love it, but, you know, FOMO.  Obviously we love the Land Cruisers, but since Toyota stopped US production this year, it has created a lot of questions for me…

For the most part, I think halting the US Cruiser is a marketing decision by Toyota, and gives them the opportunity to re-release it in a couple of years as a super high-end SUV to compete with the Range Rover set.  That’s what I’d do.  There is too much loyalty to let that brand die off the vine.

It also gives Toyota a chance to spotlight an SUV that hasn’t gotten much fanfare since its inception back in the late 2000s: the Sequoia.  For me, the Sequoia was always a bit of a head-scratcher.  Who are they targeting?  Families looking for a bigger 4Runner?  The price point was attractive, but I know they had issues…

Well, last night Toyota unveiled the new Sequoia, and so far, I really like what I see.  I do have a few questions, but I’ll get to that in a few.  First off, the engine is smart – the twin-turbo V6 will give it PLENTY of power and torque, although you’ll hear the V8-heads complain.  It looks like it’s built on the new Tundra frame, which should help the ride and the durability.  It’s much more than a grocery getter.

Where I think the Sequoia shines is the updated look – both inside and out.  It has the feel of a late-90’s Cruiser, but is sleeker.  It doesn’t look bulky, which plagued the older models.  I haven’t seen the dimensions, but it feels a little more compact than the new Tahoe…we’ll see when they release the specs.  The interior is really nice – I love the accessibility of the front row, and the middle row captain’s chairs are a must for Mrs. RCS.

My questions are really about the size, how big is it?  I don’t want something so bulky that I have a hard time getting it into my garage.  Also, I wonder about the functionality (read: removal options) for the 3rd-row seats.  I love that they are an option, but if they are fold-down only, then it negates a lot of the benefit of the cargo area.

The price point looks to start around $55K and go up to $67K for the Platinum and/or TRD edition, and there is a Capstone edition that will be a bit more.  That’s much more feasible than the ~$100K price tag for a new Cruiser.

Here are a bunch of pictures – all from Toyota:

What do you think?



  1. JMR
    01/26/2022 / 8:16 AM

    My thoughts:
    1. Profile looks great. Assertive but without diving into “I need reassurance about my masculinity” territory.
    2. Chrome grill is A LOT
    3. Interior worries me. Looks like it could be cheap and plasticky. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.
    4. Blacked out grill with the chrome logo is perfect. Blacked out grill with blacked out “TOYOTA” is too try-hard.
    5. Not enough to make me trade in my Acura TSX wagon, but I get the appeal for sure.

  2. Poor+Man
    01/26/2022 / 8:51 AM

    I like it – is there a Lexus version?

    • AWPJ
      01/29/2022 / 12:57 PM

      There will supposedly be a Lexus version (the Lexus TX) but little to know information on it yet

  3. Cargo
    01/26/2022 / 9:03 AM

    Toyota has definitely stepped up their game with this one and the new Tundra. The last several years the Tundra looked like it fall out of the ugly tree and hit ever branch on the way down…. I agree with RCS about the Land Cruiser it needs to come back in a big way. Later this week out in AZ Barrett Jackson will be auctioning VIN 01 and 02 2023 Tundra’s should be be interesting to see what that does for Toyota sales in the next couple quarters.

  4. ABW
    01/26/2022 / 9:30 AM

    I guarantee it’ll be massive. The tundras and sequoias were big before the Chevy’s we’re getting bigger. Although I do like it, looks good. Fan of toyota too, and typically a much better car than a Land Rover.

  5. Wheels
    01/26/2022 / 12:55 PM

    From the side, it looks like a mix of new Jeep Grand Cherokee L and Volvo XC 90. This redesign will have to grow on me.

    I’m still waiting on an updated 4Runner with a third row added to the Pro model.

  6. SMB
    01/26/2022 / 4:56 PM

    The profile, especially the D-pillar kink remind me too much of the Highlander.

  7. GBB
    01/27/2022 / 1:53 AM

    The TRD Pro looks good but the decision not to give it more ground clearance than the other trim levels is a head scratcher. Nothing obnoxious but 2” higher would change the entire profile in a big way.

  8. Trip
    01/27/2022 / 2:31 PM

    I’m not sure I get the move with the fold down rear seats. The Tahoe/Yukon have a third row that folds into the floor which is very convenient and leaves plenty of room for storage when folded down.

    I don’t love the styling. Looks more like a Jeep product than a Toyota.

  9. Jackstraw
    01/27/2022 / 7:05 PM

    “gives them the opportunity to re-release it in a couple of years as a super high-end SUV to compete with the Range Rover set.”

    At $85,000+ MSRP for the 2021 model, aren’t they already there?

    • JRS
      01/27/2022 / 7:48 PM

      The new Range Rover is $100K+. So no, I think they’ve got ~$20K to go.

  10. CCE
    01/27/2022 / 8:07 PM

    Love the new styling. The old Sequoia’s are definitely very functional, but they look like the grocery-getter that they are. New model is too big for my family of four (and our garage), but this fills the void Toyota was lacking IMO.

  11. TCB
    01/27/2022 / 11:31 PM

    Land Cruiser is dead in the US to push Lexus LX sales which is the same thing, aka the Rover competitor.

  12. whiskeydent
    01/28/2022 / 3:02 PM

    Sorry to be negative, but I find this very unattractive. As an old fart, that side sculpting looks inspired by 1957-63 Detroit and not in a good way. Toyota’s recent fascination with oversized grills, lots of curves in the body, and that weird canopy thing on the back just seem odd to me. I think you’d be better off with an Expedition, Tahoe or Suburban.

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