The Groomsman Gift Guide

I get a high amount of questions around what to get for groomsmen.  It’s actually a pretty tough question, as it’s not something that must soon to be grooms give too much thought, as it isn’t a highly traveled Pinterest highway.  When thinking about what to get for your guys, remember that there are a lot of variables to consider:

Did the bride invite all 117 of her Sorority sisters to be bridesmaids?  You’ll have that many groomsmen

What is the budget?  Divide by the # of groomsmen and that’s what you have to spend

Is it a destination wedding?  You’ll have to pack and transport the gifts

Once you have all this established, it’s time to pick the gift.  A groomsman’s gift is a way to thank all the guys for standing with you during the important milestone.  Remember that these guys have endured wedding showers, tuxedo action, a bachelor party, and a full wedding weekend, so go with a thoughtful gift that they’ll enjoy for years to come.  Something personalized is always nice, and a gift that can be incorporated into the wedding weekend is also a strong move.  My opinion is to budget a healthy amount for groomsman gifts.  Nothing over the top, but something that the guys will really appreciate.

Here is what I like:

From top left:

1. Colonel Littleton Front Pocket Wallet:  My #1 answer any time I am asked.  It is the greatest gift, and can be personalized.  Ask them to embroider the year underneath the groomsman’s initials for some extra icing.
2. La Matera Bosque Polo Belt:  A really great idea for the out-of-town wedding.  Give them to the guys upon arrival, and ask them to wear them to the rehearsal dinner.  Then tell everyone you play for the Irish Polo Team at the post-party.
3. Andover Trask Waxed Cotton Dopp Kit:  A very practical gift, but one that will be very appreciated.
4. Kingfisher Leatherworks Shell Case:  Planning on incorporating some clay shooting or hunting during the wedding weekend?  A super nice shell case is the choice.  Kingfisher will stamp a copper plate with the groomsman’s initials.  Check and mate.
5. Classic Knot Stud Set:  A very cost-friendly option for groomsmen.  It’s something that they’ll use for the next few years, and they’ll all look sharp in the wedding pictures.
6. Stitch Golf Bonesmen Headcover Set:  For the golfing crew…no need to embroider these because the cart barn guys will love to use them after you lose them on the course.
7. Tiffany & Co Engraved Money Clip:  The classic groomsman gift.  A very ‘white tie required’ option.
8. Old Henry Hatchet:  A cool gift…I’ve seen this one done before, and it went over very well.  A couple things: first, don’t bring them to the bar with you.  Second, don’t try to get on a plane with these.  Psycho.
9. JT Spencer State Flag Belt:  A great option for an in-state wedding.  Get the state flag belts with the groomsman’s initials embroidered (JT Spencer will do this for you).  A nice little memento to take back to your home state…
10. White Wing Legacy Waxed Shotgun Case:  Got a bunch of hunting buddies stand up there?  A top shelf shotgun case is a great way to show appreciation, not only for their inclusion, but also for their shotgun.
11. Onward Reserve Waterfowl Decanter Set:  Often overlooked, but a decanter set is a really nice gift.  Usually cost-friendly.
12. Hudson Sutler Lowell Weekender Duffle:  Perfect for the out-of-town wedding.  Sticks with the theme.  Hudson Sutler makes great duffles that you’ll use forever.  Get the initials embroidered.
13. Wren & Ivy CYA Trivet Set:  Another great option: nice coasters.  Not only thoughtful, but very appreciated by the groomsmen’s better halves.

What did I miss?  What are other great groomsman gifts?

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  1. Nem
    03/06/2019 / 7:57 AM

    I got my team that Tiffany money clip with their initials hand engraved.  Of course, this was in 1993 and the price was about half what it is today.

  2. ACM
    03/06/2019 / 8:59 AM

    I went with hats from State Traditions, everyone’s college or home state. Threw in a little bourbon for everyone, gave them to the crew on the bachelor party. Good times.

  3. JB
    03/06/2019 / 9:51 AM

    From a buddy’s wedding in 2012, a Swiss Army knife w/ my initials.

  4. RBC
    03/06/2019 / 10:00 AM

    For our wedding a few years ago, my wife made each gent a needlepoint belt that was individually customized. Threw in cigars, whiskey, bowties, and pocket squares. All of this was presented in a cigar box during the rehearsal dinner. Cigars were smoked that night and whiskey was drank constantly. 

  5. ABW
    03/06/2019 / 4:34 PM

    Got my grooms man front pocket wallets from Holtz leather. I know you’re loyal to Colonel Littleton, but these were pretty good quality i’d say. Instead of initials, I did everyone’s nickname they go by in our group.

    • Nem
      03/07/2019 / 9:33 AM

      I like the nick-name over initials routine, good call.  I did that with engraved Zippo lighters for a few friends once. 

  6. Tanner
    03/08/2019 / 7:56 AM

    I did nice knives engraved with their initials, a bow tie and a nice cigar.

  7. BBW
    03/14/2019 / 9:34 PM

    I got my guys LL Bean Duck Boots and still see them wearing and enjoying them ten years on…

  8. BBW
    03/14/2019 / 9:35 PM

    I got my team LL Bean Duck boots and still see them wearing and enjoying them ten years on…

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