The Look: Oyster Roast

There’s nothing quite like an oyster roast.  They usually involve some sort of open fire, friends, beer, and some poundage of bi-valves.  Understand that it’s like camping – there will be dirt, mud, smoke, and danger from the elements.  This is a great opportunity to put all those outdoor-esque clothing choices to use.

I love a good oyster roast.  It’s rare that I come home dry, clean, hungry, or sober.  I’m not talking about the festivals put on by party planners, I’m talking about a pit fire in some random field/farm where 4WD is required.  That’s where stories are made…  Here’s how I do it:

From top left:

1. Pesca Muerta Camo Hat:  While I’m not a huge fan of the casual camo movement, I always approve of a camo hat.  An oyster roast may be the perfect place for a badass hat like this.  Careful – she may steal it before the end of the night.
2. Ball and Buck Upland Jacket 2.0:  Given the season, you never know when the skies will open up.  Be prepared with a waxed cotton field coat, with deep pockets.
3. Louisiana Hot Sauce:  There’s always room for hot sauce, especially when oysters are around.  Come with some high-test sauce to keep it spicy.
4. Oyster Glove:  Hopefully you know how to open oysters without putting your hand in too much danger, but after a few beers, it’s a good idea to have protection.  You’ll want to leave with all your digits.
5. Williams Knife Co. Edisto Oyster Knife:  For anybody that frequents oyster festivals, or likes to get into the briney goodness at home, a good oyster knife will never be a bad investment.  Charleston’s own Williams Knife Co. has cornered the market.  These knives are as good as it gets.
6. Orvis Luxury Flannel Shirt:  Flannel done right is a thing of beauty.  The days of the old ‘woodsman’, thick flannel are over. Get a soft, light flannel and treat it like an OCBD (wash, hang dry, light iron – NO starch) and it’ll become your favorite shirt for any day under 60 degrees.
7. Ray Ban Outdoorsman II Sunglasses:  Cooler than Maverick.
8. Mountain Khakis Teton Twill Pants:  Good, tough outdoor khakis that work with boots.  The mud flaps in the back are just right for trudging around the field.  Get some stains?  Zout ’em out.
9. Colonel Littleton #5 Cinch Belt in American Alligator:  That high end belt you got for your birthday needs to be let out to run.  How about a cinch belt in alligator leather from the fine folks at Col. Littleton?  They’ll tell stories about that belt…
10. 8″ Bean Boots:  There isn’t a better time to bring out the heavy artillery.  These 8″ are just right for hammering through puddles or losing a dare to jump over a creek.  Extra points for the darker leather ‘heritage’ look.
11. Cotton Bandana:  Something will need wiping.  Guaranteed.
12. Ridiculous Koozie:  While the choice old school koozies are found at Goodwill, Bass Pro, Orvis, and a few other spots are doing the Lord’s work.
13. A CASE OF DELICIOUS BEER:  Think fraternity party-style here.  The more the merrier.  There will be plenty of people that’ll show up with humongous Yetis.  There will be room for your stash.


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  1. Landy
    03/08/2017 / 2:52 PM

    The hat is a little more Florida Georgia Line concert than oyster roast. Certainly there are better hat choices out there

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