The Look: Winter Date Night

Be careful…Spring will be here before you know it.  Here in Atlanta, we’re getting some good mid-day heat, but the temps drop pretty quickly as soon as the sun gets behind the trees.  In our 2022 effort to do more date nights, Mrs. RCS and I have enjoyed getting out and about.  It’s a great feeling.

This time of year, I’m excited to add pops of color.  Done are the short, cold, wet days of Winter.  Teasing out the Spring feels like the right thing to do.  Here we go:

From top left:

1. J. Crew Slim Fit Ludlow Dress Shirt:  I give J. Crew a lot of crap, but their Ludlow line of dress shirts is legit – especially if you can get them on sale, with an extra 50% off, and another 10% off if you sign up for emails…etc.
2. Holderness & Bourne Sargent Sweater:  A KILLER sweater: the lighter weight wool and cashmere blend is a perfect layer for the course or a night on the town.
3. Aether Endeavor Jacket:  Aether creates some of the most innovative outerwear in the world, and the Endeavor leads the pack.  Not too heavy, and not too light, and functionality in all the right spots.
4. Raleigh Denim Jones Canvas 5-Pockets:  I get questions all the time looking for 5-pockets that aren’t too full but not too skinny, and the Jones from Raleigh are a GREAT response.  Off the rack they are fantastic, the canvas isn’t too heavy, and the fit is spot on.  Just right for boots and for loafers.
5. Martin Dingman Henry Italian Leather Belt:  Add a little flare to your waist.  The hand painted camo leather is so cool, and the bit belt is a nice, country touch.
6. Schoffel Hilton Socks:  Don’t sleep on Schoffel.  Ever.  More to come…
7. RM Williams Comfort Craftsman Boots:  I look for an opportunity to wear my RM Williams any chance I get.
8. IWC Big Pilot Spitfire Watch:  Brass and green.  Seriously – is there a cooler colorway?

You getting excited for Spring?



  1. NEM
    02/11/2022 / 7:57 AM

    Huzzah! Spring is near! Full agreement with the RM Williams, if not the orange 5p’s (UGA ’90). Just got a pair of SM double monk suede GTH’s and ready to let them loose in the coming dry days.

  2. CCE
    02/11/2022 / 8:23 AM

    I think we’re beginning to jump the shark with five-pockets. $285 for off-the-rack denim/canvas? You’re entering into semi-custom/ bespoke territory at that price point.

    • SMB
      02/11/2022 / 8:59 AM

      I agree but there are a couple of factors at play. First off, Raleigh has always been expensive to the point that some would say their stuff is over priced. Lastly, inflation is through the roof. I haven’t paid attention to the cost of Raleigh items, but I would guess they have increased in the last twelve months like everything else. I can’t put my finger on why though…

      • LGB
        02/11/2022 / 4:41 PM

        I am sure they are a great brand (I trust RCS) and I have no qualms with them. Five pockets just aren’t an item of clothing that I am willing to drop that kind of coin on.

        • SMB
          02/14/2022 / 5:55 PM

          I was not a fan of the 5P trend ultimate I bought a pair of Sid Mashburn corduroy 5P. Amazing, at nearly half the price they are worth it.

    • Trip
      02/14/2022 / 4:32 PM


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