The Wm Lamb & Son Tarpon Belt Buckle

How cool is this?  Wm Lamb & Son gets a lot of play on Red Clay Soul, and he has hit another home run with this Tarpon Scale belt buckle:

 Wm. Lamb & Son is a family owned company based on the original artwork and designs of William Lamb. With a passion and love of the outdoors his inspirations come from all of his surroundings.   His works capture the spirit of years past and he is dedicated to promoting a simpler quality lifestyle in the home and the outdoors.   Wm. Lamb & Son’s home line consists of dinnerware, lampshades, fabrics and pillows. He has also just designed a blazer liner for Brooks Brothers and a line of ties for Southern Proper.

Born and raised in North Florida, tarpon fishing has always been a great love…. The lure and the chase…. The ever present, yet ever elusive silver king brings fishermen from far and near to the Gulf waters each year.  This ultimate catch and release fish is what true fishermen dream about.  The tradition of “boating” the tarpon for the quick picture and measurement is often ended with the removal of a tarpon scale for a perfect and beautiful souvenir before releasing the fish back into the water.   With this in mind, William designed and created the Tarpon Scale Belt Buckle inspired from an original tarpon scale.  So whether you are an angler with a story or still waiting for your story to be told, this buckle will always bring good conversation of times on the water.

These pewter belt buckles are poured by hand and proudly stamped with the Wm. Lamb & Son seal on the back.  They are available on their website, as well as their Facebook commerce site.  Tight lines!




  1. Wm Lamb & Son
    08/17/2012 / 7:26 PM

    Sorry we offended MOSS, the short blog piece was merely meant to tell a brief history and the lore of the Silver King. We should have clarified “boating” – we didnt actually mean bringing it in the boat but merely to the boat. As for the removal of the scale the same is true – it is not illegal to remove a scale – but we were trying to convey that now everyone can have a beautiful tarpon scale for all those they’ve chased and watched roll away. Our Gulf waters are heavily regulated and as real anglers we respect these waters, both fresh and salt. With all that said, it is the majesty of the great tarpon that inspired the Tarpon Scale Belt Buckle and we are so proud of the gorgeous piece we have produced. We apolgize for any misinterpretation. Tight lines my friend!

  2. Moss
    08/17/2012 / 11:07 PM

    William, you’re a good man. I have no problem with the buckle and to be honest, I have a great deal of respect for your brand. Clearly, you are a true sportsman.

    My apologies for the overly harsh, anonymous diatribe. Its not fair to anonymously throw darts on the internet and for that I am truly sorry.

    If Jay would be so inclined, I would be glad for him to delete my message as it wasn’t directed at you or your product but merely the talk of boating and for lack of a better word, “scaling” these awesome fish. Truth is, a scale or several scales are often lost in a fight, however, its not a good idea to intentionally remove just for a souvenir. If anyone wants a souvenir, a picture of the fish in the water and one of these fine buckles would be a great idea.

    I would also encourage anyone who enjoys catching tarpon to check out the bonefish and tarpon trust at William, they may even be interested in stocking your buckle.

    My apologies to you, sir. Best of luck in your endeavors.

  3. Wm Lamb & Son
    08/18/2012 / 2:42 PM

    Thanks MOSS for appreciating that we are in fact true sportsmen down here. Check out the video we posted last night on our facebook page i think you will love it!! The trust is defintely something we love to keep up with. The thing about the scale removal is generally it is done by folks who know what they are doing, not merely tourists but true anglers. One of those things that folks will always dispute I suppose. Email us your address to – we would love to send you a few coozies and decals to enjoy. And thanks again.

  4. Clare foster
    01/03/2014 / 2:51 PM

    I purchased 3 buckles last February and really, really Ned another. Please contact me !

  5. erik schmitt
    02/17/2021 / 1:57 PM

    Is this buckle still available I cannot find it anywhere

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