Unicorn: Patagonia Stand Up Pants

It’s strange to say that I’ve been wearing Patagonia Stand Up shorts for almost 15 years now.  Makes me feel old, but it confirms the timeless style of the Patagonia’s staple.  I used to wear the 5″ inseam in college, and have since been wearing the 7″ option.  I love these shorts.  The fabric is essentially bulletproof, and they are very easily cleanable.  A little Zout and it’ll remove 99% of stains.

The best part about the Stand Ups is the way they age.  The cardboard-like folds develop a really nice patina in relatively short order.  Since the fabric is so thick, it takes a long time to wear them down…but the process is really cool.

Fast forward to last week.  As most of you know, Stand Up shorts are relatively easy to find.  Whether new options from the source, or via Ebay…you should be in business.  Now – take a look at these pants.  They look like normal khakis, right?  They are made with a thicker cotton, a little rough around the edges, and that great hue of Patagonia tan….

But flip them over, and you’ll see a Unicorn.  Don’t be afraid to stare…  These are the ultra-rare Patagonia Stand Up pants.  I have been looking for these for years, and was lucky enough to find a pair at Goodwill IN MY SIZE.  They are a little long, so I’ll have to have them taken up an inch or so.

Now, it’s safe to say that these reside on the far edge of my ‘style’.  I’m not very granola except in my choices of t-shirts (old Panic lot shirts seem to get a lot of play), but some would categorize these as such.  I don’t care.  I love them.  I wear them like jeans with a pair of New Balances and a plaid sport shirt.  An iron will never touch these pants.

Keep an eye out for some other Unicorns…I seem to be herding them lately…

Another PSA: check out the Patagonia sale going on at Zappos.  Serious business….



  1. Ben
    02/13/2014 / 1:29 PM

    Sweet post. I live in my stand up shorts in the summer. Glad to see you found an old pair of pants.

  2. ECB
    02/13/2014 / 2:13 PM

    Damn man. I’ve been looking for the Stand-Up pants forever. Great find. Now go try to wear ’em out.

  3. JR
    02/14/2014 / 10:56 PM

    Actually have a pair in a box in my attic – have not been able to wear since undergrad in the 80s but just couldn’t imagine tossing them out!

  4. AL
    05/21/2014 / 7:09 AM

    DUDE! I have been living overseas for 7 years. I have had one (1) trusty pair of Stand Up pants with me that entire time. They were 3 years old when i left the US so they have lasted 10 YEARS!

    I flew to Denver last week, went to the Patagonia store and was shocked to see that 1.) They don’t make them anymore and 2) how out of touch am i

    I guess Mountain Khakis are the next best thing at this point but it is very dissapointing to me. I also was surprised to see that Patagonia is making a lot of their product in Sri Lankan sweat shops. WTF?

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