What Your Valentine’s Day Gift Says About You

I’m not a cynic about love, or Valentine’s Day.  In fact, I’m very pro-Love.  I’m big on Valentie’s Day.  For those of us in relationship, it is a day of buildup and maybe some expectations. Although Valentine’s Day does allow for a thin layer of ‘cheesy’, cash in your cool card and be (somewhat) public about how you feel.

That usually involves a gift.  Now, we should all be self-aware of what’s going on – especially in our relationships.  You know the temperature of yours, and you should know where it is going.

Your Valentine’s Day gift says a lot about you.  You need to know this going in.  She has her own idea about what each of these gifts means. As a public service, this article is being released two weeks prior to the big day, so don’t say we didn’t warn you:

  • Chocolates: You are secure in your relationship.  Considering all the gym-work, Pure Barre, Crossfit, and Boot Camp work, you better be.  She busts her butt getting ready for swimsuit season (just around the corner), so make sure this isn’t going to backfire.
  • Flowers: You are phoning it in.  She’s going to get a dozen or two red roses in a beautiful vase just like every other woman in her office.  Don’t take it the wrong way, flowers should be part of your Valentine’s Day gift, but they should accompany something else (NOT a pajama-gram or a life-sized teddy bear).  You can do better than flowers.
  • Weekend Giveaway:  You are serious about this girl.  Researching, planning, pre-paying for a weekend getaway with your main squeeze is not only an investment of money, but also of time.  Don’t just book the room.  Get dinner reservations, bring a couple bottles of champagne, and reserve something special for her (couple’s massage?).  She will read that you really went out of your way to get her something very special that will make memories.
  • New Bag: You are meeting her needs.  Think about it – how fun is it to give her a new bag?  She already has 20, so how is one more going to stand out?  Now, she’ll love it, but it doesn’t ooze romance like you wanted it to.  Opt for a new bag if you are in the doghouse.
  • Lingerie: You are interested in more than her personality.  If you have enough guts to show up with some lacy unmentionables, then she will get the hint that you are interested in more than discussing the merits of the Denver Broncos’ offense.  If you do choose this route, make sure it is beautifully wrapped and not in the same bag from the store.  It shows effort.  Bingo.
  • Jewelry: You take directions well.  You’ve noticed her fleeting glances at other girl’s shiny stuff.  You’ve picked up on her subtle musings about some jewel-adorned metal that will highlight her ears/fingers/wrists/neck.  You are going to get an A+ in “pays attention” when she opens that box on the 14th.
  • Diamond Jewelry: You are winning the lottery.  Is getting engaged on Valentine’s Day trite?  Absolutely not.  It’s the day of the year where love is celebrated, so jump in with both feet.  Not to get into engagement advice, but her saying “yes” will make Valentine’s Day a special day for both of you until you are parted by death.  She saying “no” will grant you immediate entry into the V-Day “Haters Club”.

Choose wisely.

Thanks to the good folks at Onward Reserve for sharing this with their Gazette readers…


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