What To Wear: The Masters (For Him)

There are a select few that land a badge to The Masters.  Those lucky Patrons get to hike the hallowed grounds of Augusta National, watching the best golfers in the world on the best course in the world.  You’ll park a mile away, there are a lot of hills, and the weather in usually unpredictable.  Not only that, you’ll be in pictures that will live in frames that adorn your house for as long as you live there.  This is a bucket list event, so you’ll want to dress accordingly.

First off, you aren’t a tour player, so don’t dress like one.  It’s annoying.  Second, you aren’t sponsored by anyone, so you don’t need to be a golf logo billboard.  That’s worse than annoying.  Act like you’ve been somewhere before and dress like YOU: a good golf fan that recognizes the importance of the event, and obviously a Red Clay Soul reader.

Here’s how to do it right:

From Top Left:

1. A hat from your favorite local BBQ joint:  You don’t need to wear a golf brand hat or a hat from your club.  Show off where you are from with a little BBQ pride.  It shows you have a life outside of golf.
2. Persol PO3193S Sunglasses:  A need.  The weather is unpredictable, and if it’s sunny, it’s bright.  Especially out of those bunkers…
3. Rolex Submariner Hulk:  Green is the theme…show it off.
4. Holderness & Bourne Herron Shirt:  Flex a little here.  Wear your best golf shirt.  Everyone will be checking each other out…so dress accordingly.  No need to over-logo here, instead, go subtle.
5. JT Spencer / Peter Millar Belt:  I’m a huge proponent of waist flair, so go big here.  The club belts from Peter Millar/JT Spencer are top shelf.  Not cartoon-y, but classy.  That’s how we like to keep it.
6. FujiFilm XF10 Camera:  No phones on the course, even during practice rounds.  Bring a GOOD point and shoot that’ll be easy to carry, and capture some really good shots.  Remember – Cameras are only allowed during practice rounds.  No photos during rounds.
7. On Cloud Sneakers:  My man TJ talked me into these.  Extremely comfortable and will hold up to the elements at ANGC.  Not to mention the price point is good.
8. Onward Reserve Piedmont Shorts:  Let’s not think too deep on this one, but a nice, comfortable pair of shorts that don’t look like something out of a skateboard magazine.
9. Fisher & Baker Greenwich Anorak:  I’ve been to the Masters quite a few times, and have learned the hard way that you ALWAYS pack a rain jacket.  You never know.  This Anorak from Fisher & Baker is perfect – lightweight (you can carry it in your merch bag) and a big pocket to carry all the goods.  Be prepared…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nolan
    04/09/2019 / 7:57 AM

    Don’t forget, CAMERAS are strictly prohibited Thursday-Sunday. If you’re going for a practice round though, take one and take a ton of photos!! I always look forward to this post every year. Have fun on your babymoon!

    • JRS
      04/09/2019 / 11:42 AM

      Thanks man!  You are right…Thursday through Sunday are old school.

  2. Adam Buie
    04/09/2019 / 9:41 AM

    Love your Masters posts. I also look forward to them. 

  3. P Crawford
    04/09/2019 / 10:19 AM

    The link for the persols is the camera, any chance you can update? Thanks!

    • JRS
      04/09/2019 / 11:43 AM

      Updated.  Good catch.

  4. Livingston Mimms
    04/09/2019 / 10:27 AM

    Masters Club Logo Etiquette: 1. If you wear a private club shirt – You better belong to that club, and the logo better be on the sleeve. 2. Hats or belts are the place to wear the club logo you don’t belong to. Choose one, not both. 3. Go Tour Visor or go hang with JD at Hooters. 4. No Masters gear, and no ANGC gear. The only guys with legit ANGC cred are the guys you see walking around in Green Jackets. 

    • HLL
      04/09/2019 / 11:35 AM

      I feel like your self proclaimed etiquette rules are very presumptuous, especially point 1. I myself do belong to a club but you’re not a rule maker for all who might not be able to afford a membership – like any college student who golfs as often as possible but does not belong to a 50k a year club. Kudos RCS – your Masters posts are always enjoyable to read. I am a Persol and Rolex owner/fan. Have not jumped on the On Cloud wagon yet but see them around and have read good things about them.I think Rors and Spieth will both play great.

      • Livingston Mimms
        04/09/2019 / 2:16 PM


        • HLL
          04/09/2019 / 3:20 PM

          Rounds 1-4 can be obtained with a nice bankroll or through waitlist or a lottery. Practice rounds are drawn. So going is obtainable yearly. Maybe educate yourself before you try to belittle people or look ignorant with childish hashtags.

          • Livingston Mimms
            04/09/2019 / 4:05 PM

            This whole thread is a joke you imbecile. I’m sorry – I mean’t to say “you Persol and Rolex owner”

    • S. Smails
      04/09/2019 / 2:00 PM

      The only time you see logos on the sleeve these days are if it is a new money club.  Needless to say, it is probably also a tech fiber shirt and made by a tennis shoe company.

      • Likes to Watch
        04/09/2019 / 2:14 PM

        I always love how no money folks so often confuse things that are old money and things that are just old. 

        • AtlantaObserver
          04/09/2019 / 5:22 PM

          You guys are all posers and the fact you would take the time to care about the smallest details so that you all conform to our bizarre scene in Atlanta is laughable.  I bet you have a Ted Koppel haircut too and wouldn’t be caught dead without your bit loafers on.  Followers followers… Real money/success doesn’t give a $hit about what club you belong to and doesn’t feel the need to advertise their status with these douchey conformist fashion statements.  Why does every 25 year old in this crowd dress like their dad from 1985?   

            04/10/2019 / 11:29 AM

            1. Whats wrong with Ted Koppel? 
            2. Bits are for poors/ClubCorp members. It’s called Cordovan. 
            3. I’m not looking to advertise my status, I’m just asking the other guys to advertise theirs so I can more quickly discern if they are worth talking to when they approach me and ask if I can get them onto Ohoopee MC. 
            4. Of all the guys my mom slept with in the 80’s – my dad is probably one of the coolest, right there alongside his own dad (God rest his soul). Naturally I look to them on how to dress.

          • HamDawg
            04/15/2019 / 10:51 PM

            “Ted Koppel haircut”.  1,000 pts. 

  5. John Haeger
    04/09/2019 / 10:51 AM

    Perfect post and completely agree with the logos. 

  6. MARK
    04/09/2019 / 11:28 AM

    I came here to see if JOELVAUJ had chastised you about calling a hat a hat and not a cap yet. I guess I’ll have to refresh this post a few more times today to see if he makes it over. For those that don’t remember, here is a post from last year: https://redclaysoul.com/masters-merch-ideas/

  7. PDB
    04/09/2019 / 6:36 PM

    One of my favorite things about this site (besides all of the cool products and companies I’ve learned about) is that while the author is obviously on solid financial footing, he never acts like it. 
    It’s a good look, guys. 

  8. Tcb
    04/09/2019 / 9:03 PM

    That rain jacket is my budget for the pro shop this year. Yikes $$$

  9. Gray
    04/11/2019 / 10:01 AM

    A $500 anorak?! I need to see some proof this company has actually sold one. 

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